Modern Bathroom Decorating Ideas

5 Elements of Modern Bathroom Ideas for Simple Clean Decor

Modern bathroom ideas always feature a simple and clean decor. So that to ensure of your modern bathroom design with geometrically in shapes and patterns which completed with clean lines and colors that minimal, you can create it effortlessly. This is for the modern sanctuary of bathroom with cleanliness and comfort.

Modern Bathroom Decorating Ideas

We use the bathroom everyday. This makes it an important space for us to give a great credit. By having a modern bathroom, you can have a fantastic relaxation with ability to refresh your mood. From bright to cheery, sleek to imposing, the limit of space can no longer a boundary to make the better bathroom spaces.

Mid-Century Modern Style

It has always been featuring architectural, graphic style for the interior including the furniture. The mid-19th century 1933-1965 has also features of straight lines with colors that naturally decorate for the refreshing atmosphere. To design your bathroom in a modern way, mid-century furniture can create a focal point. There are types of mirror, faucet and other fixtures to choose from but you have to make sure of fitting patterns and colors.

Simple, Minimalist Design

A rule of thumb, modern design is about simplicity that you can apply by keeping open space and clean of clutter. Any unwanted items, you can hide them in cabinetry and built-in shelving. Geometric shapes including for tiles and backsplash do not only add interest but character as well. There is no need to push minimalist design away. Other decor ideas like modern prints in frame, floor-to-ceiling mirror and wood elements are excellent.

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Freestanding Bathtubs

Modern bathrooms have a staple piece, a freestanding tub makes a very crucial element. Symmetric and sharp, a strategic placement becomes the key for its balance. Depending on your bathroom layout, pick the tub whether oval, rectangular or pedestal to fit at best.


Creating the atmosphere of both indoor and outdoor is nice by adding an organic or greenery touch. This is an easy thing to do just by adding plants in modern attractive planter.


Another crucial part in how to decorate for modern bathroom design style is the perfect lighting. Modern light fixtures for bathroom especially LED types are amazing in geometric shapes and lines. Skylights are great for natural light and interest. Placement of lighting matters and considering about windows is also important.

Modern atmosphere can truly be created in your bathroom by including these elements. Ideas are adjustable to best fit your personal taste and requirement.