Hanging Bathroom Mirror Ideas

8 Out of the Box Decorating Tricks and Solutions with Bathroom Mirror Ideas

There are bathrooms in all shapes as well as sizes, whether giving fun or frustration. In case of you own issue in the selection of the right mirror, attempt reflecting on these out of the box ideas. Bathroom mirror ideas to decorate your space might spark applications in the effort to make the better bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Small Bathroom Solutions

Taking a look at yourself in the mirror is an important daily routine of in everyone’s life. We all agree that nice appearance begins from the inside out. This is one big reason of why hunting the right bathroom mirror is about a worthy investment. Among a variety of factors, you can look and feel for the best of the mirror. From antique to modern, minimal to ornate, and everything in between, the probabilities are limitless to perfectly suit how you  would like to take a look at yourself. Here are 8 decorating ideas with mirror to choose and apply in your bathroom.

In Front of a Window

Frees up wall area for the better configuration or layout of the room, it is creative to mount the mirror on a window. This idea suits small bathrooms for an expansion especially if you have a larger shower space. The vanity space can also have its storage kept.

All styles of window can work best with this idea while to dress up average window. However, hardware for the mounting is quite hard to find and you also need to get the right size of the mirror for the window.

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This perfectly suits bathrooms without enough wall to hang the mirror. A cable system can be used to suspend the mirror for the space saver with minimalist decor. Apartments and condominiums can have this option.

Almost all styles especially minimalist, eclectic, industrial and contemporary can apply this mirror idea. Several advantages to gain such as more plans for the flooring, free up vanity and wall space free with privacy illusion. You can also apply the better configurations of back-to-back plumbing. However, only a professional can do the secure installation both hardware and mirror to mount.


This is the inverse solution of the suspended mirror. Small bathrooms can have more usable space of the mirror while also quite practical with creative covering of the wall. Custom-cut for the wall-to-wall look, reflective surfaces and ultimately great for bathrooms without windows.

Eclectic, transitional, contemporary and modern, the window solution suits these styles well. Any bathroom with small space issue can be made brighter with more depth due to reflection of the mirror. However, in comparison with other options, you have to be careful so that not to scratch it due to the expensive price.


A more complete view of you although in small space, this mirror is the option. Choosing to install this kind of mirror in kids’ bathroom is nice. Adjustability makes it useful as they grow. This is about an investment that long lasting.

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The hardware of the mirror gives depth that aesthetic as a standpoint as well as attractive backsplash. Creating an element of visual is simple just by installing the backsplash behind the mirror. Traditionally and transitionally, this trick works best with more viewing area by tilting action in tiny spaces like hallway bathrooms as well as powder rooms. However, it is best to purchase expensive models that feel heavy and sturdy to DIY in the installation so that safe.


Do you have a mirrored surface on the wall? Then mounting a mirror on top of it makes a great statement with classy and creative look. The price is maybe more expensive than other coverings for walls but can be less expensive than glass tile or natural stone. The idea is to create reflective light as illusive bright.

Eclectic and traditional are wonderful to apply this layered bathroom mirror. However, you will need an extra effort when it comes to cleaning the arrangement, moreover tricky and costly installation.

Floor to Ceiling

This is a good solution especially if you own reservations about mirror mounting above a mirrored surface. Mirrored tiles is one of the ways among many to make this effect.

All styles can work this trick to create deeper feel bathroom with illusive light. Another function is to provide a full-length mirror for dressing. There are many optional colors to create attractive styles of bathroom feature. However, expensive, hard to install and clean are considerable things of this floor to ceiling mirror.

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Built-in Medicine Cabinet

A quite practical solution to maximize small bathrooms with a need of more storage is by installing a built-in medicine cabinet. Of course, the furniture is with a mirror on it. Custom designs are available with best styles to work with like eclectic, transitional, contemporary and modern.

Efficiency is the main reason of why selecting this cabinet. However, more budget is needed to afford the material and installation.

Multiple mirrors

To transform an ordinary bathroom, multiple mirrors can be a great solution. The trick helps to display family antique finds and heirlooms but ensure of secure installation. Eclectic and farmhouse are most suitable styles.

Decorative and artistic, you can DIY the installation to adjust the mirrors in a fun way. However, it is not that simple to get a full view not to mention hard to clean too.

Which one that inspires you the most to apply? Taking more close and closer look at the condition of the bathroom is wise for the best solution and trick.