Beautiful Bathroom Design with Statement Tiles

Bathroom Tile Designs for the Stunning Bathroom Ideas

It has been an easy solution to give your bathroom an update look. Bathroom tile designs for the new decor appearance can be created by creating the whole different colors and patterns from the current suite. Simple but with high efficiency, tiles for bathroom come in many designs and materials. Whatever you want to pour, tile ideas can be learned.

Aesthetic Bathroom Tiles for Small Bathroom Designs

By playing with colors, sizes, shapes and installations, the chic look determined following your ideas. Below we have several ways to make regular bathroom a stunning space.

Black and White

Chequerboard tiles for bathroom flooring creates striking appearance. The floor is probably the last thing most people to think of but it does not mean the least. Eye-catching tiles in black and white, larger sizes or format give less intense.

One Shade in Two Finishes

If glamor is what you seek, then go for shimmering grays to combine with metallic tones. Textures and finishes that contrast are what to aim by opting for a single tile color. An example is above.


Contemporary appearance with a combination of unusual colors that contrasting is interesting as an alternative. Chevron style tiles in drops of linear rows give unique look while also quirky. You can do the whole room or some.

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Sparkling Mirrors

Although small spaced, mirrored tiles give brighter and spacious appearance. Thanks to the simple reflective quality of the tiles, aesthetic and function are to gain.

Make a Feature

A particular area in the bathroom can have an emphasis on a statement accessory. This is for a designer feel. Grey tiles on the floor, cream on three walls and pebbles on the fourth, a feature backdrop creates the statement as you like.

Tile to the Top

Floor-to-ceiling tiles are always adorable for the functional and appealing bathrooms. Colors are about personal taste of all the family to live and love.

Add Accents

A touch of interest that you love by splashing colors makes the bathroom space more appealing, at least to yourself. There are shades of mosaic tiles that working well to soften overall look of bathrooms. Accessories in different color are required for a cohesive feel. You can play with installation of mirror and lighting for more aesthetic focal point with functionality.

Bring in the Texture

Tiles for the purpose to create texture are nice to be in rough-finish. Natural shade designs can help in creating whatever kind of taste to pour whether chic, spa-like or anything you want. However, you better to limit their use to particular areas like shower or vanity.