Appealing Solar Post & Stair Lights Ideas

Best Deck Lighting to Increase Your Outdoor Home

Enjoy the night on your deck while improving visibility and safety with deck lighting. Low-voltage saves your money on the bill and wireless makes easy installation. Latest energy-efficient LED deck lights’ technology is simple to connect to a standard power supply 12 volt. Independently, each component can be installed and safely in combination with others. Depending on your needs, you can decide whether small or large in the project.

Recessed Deck Lighting Step-Downs Ideas

It is a great way to accent your deck with safety insurance at the same time. Solar powered lights stand out from the rest of the types.

Recessed Lighting

It has been a perfect choice for ultra bright evening lights that surely to illuminate beautifully. The characteristics are compact, low-voltage, ultra bright, and appealing for more than just lighting but also setting the mood in the area. Mostly, this type is also popular for doorways, stairs, step-downs and pathways.

What makes recessed light fixtures favorable? To add a dramatic atmosphere to your deck, it is simple to do with the versatility and easy installation of recessed lighting. There are kits that include extension wire, light sensor and transformer. A cable connector can be used to slice the lights into a low voltage system.

Stair risers and under-rail deck can be installed with strip lights to complete the beauty of your outdoor home in the evening.

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Solar Post & Stair Lights

Black or white, there are 2 packs which both have decorative glow to your railing, post and stair. There is no need of electricity or wiring for the enjoyable intimate lights.


You can power your low-voltage system of lighting by converting 120-volt household electricity to 12-volt only. 120-watt size transformers are to be plugged into a GFCI outdoor receptacle that you can set the timer to automatically electricity shut-off.

More Lighting Options

Outdoor lights that can suit decking are string lights and sconces. To follow your personal tastes, each can take place to play role as illumination sources that enhance lighting and add security value to your property.