Beautiful Bathroom Design with Statement Tiles

Bathroom Tile Designs for the Stunning Bathroom Ideas

It has been an easy solution to give your bathroom an update look. Bathroom tile designs for the new decor appearance can be created by creating the whole different colors and patterns from the current suite. Simple but with high efficiency, tiles for bathroom come in many designs and materials. Whatever you want to pour, tile ideas can be learned.

Aesthetic Bathroom Tiles for Small Bathroom Designs

By playing with colors, sizes, shapes and installations, the chic look determined following your ideas. Below we have several ways to make regular bathroom a stunning space.

Black and White

Chequerboard tiles for bathroom flooring creates striking appearance. The floor is probably the last thing most people to think of but it does not mean the least. Eye-catching tiles in black and white, larger sizes or format give less intense.

One Shade in Two Finishes

If glamor is what you seek, then go for shimmering grays to combine with metallic tones. Textures and finishes that contrast are what to aim by opting for a single tile color. An example is above.


Contemporary appearance with a combination of unusual colors that contrasting is interesting as an alternative. Chevron style tiles in drops of linear rows give unique look while also quirky. You can do the whole room or some.

Sparkling Mirrors

Although small spaced, mirrored tiles give brighter and spacious appearance. Thanks to the simple reflective quality of the tiles, aesthetic and function are to gain.

Make a Feature

A particular area in the bathroom can have an emphasis on a statement accessory. This is for a designer feel. Grey tiles on the floor, cream on three walls and pebbles on the fourth, a feature backdrop creates the statement as you like.

Tile to the Top

Floor-to-ceiling tiles are always adorable for the functional and appealing bathrooms. Colors are about personal taste of all the family to live and love.

Add Accents

A touch of interest that you love by splashing colors makes the bathroom space more appealing, at least to yourself. There are shades of mosaic tiles that working well to soften overall look of bathrooms. Accessories in different color are required for a cohesive feel. You can play with installation of mirror and lighting for more aesthetic focal point with functionality.

Bring in the Texture

Tiles for the purpose to create texture are nice to be in rough-finish. Natural shade designs can help in creating whatever kind of taste to pour whether chic, spa-like or anything you want. However, you better to limit their use to particular areas like shower or vanity.

Modern Bathroom Decorating Ideas

5 Elements of Modern Bathroom Ideas for Simple Clean Decor

Modern bathroom ideas always feature a simple and clean decor. So that to ensure of your modern bathroom design with geometrically in shapes and patterns which completed with clean lines and colors that minimal, you can create it effortlessly. This is for the modern sanctuary of bathroom with cleanliness and comfort.

Modern Bathroom Decorating Ideas

We use the bathroom everyday. This makes it an important space for us to give a great credit. By having a modern bathroom, you can have a fantastic relaxation with ability to refresh your mood. From bright to cheery, sleek to imposing, the limit of space can no longer a boundary to make the better bathroom spaces.

Mid-Century Modern Style

It has always been featuring architectural, graphic style for the interior including the furniture. The mid-19th century 1933-1965 has also features of straight lines with colors that naturally decorate for the refreshing atmosphere. To design your bathroom in a modern way, mid-century furniture can create a focal point. There are types of mirror, faucet and other fixtures to choose from but you have to make sure of fitting patterns and colors.

Simple, Minimalist Design

A rule of thumb, modern design is about simplicity that you can apply by keeping open space and clean of clutter. Any unwanted items, you can hide them in cabinetry and built-in shelving. Geometric shapes including for tiles and backsplash do not only add interest but character as well. There is no need to push minimalist design away. Other decor ideas like modern prints in frame, floor-to-ceiling mirror and wood elements are excellent.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Modern bathrooms have a staple piece, a freestanding tub makes a very crucial element. Symmetric and sharp, a strategic placement becomes the key for its balance. Depending on your bathroom layout, pick the tub whether oval, rectangular or pedestal to fit at best.


Creating the atmosphere of both indoor and outdoor is nice by adding an organic or greenery touch. This is an easy thing to do just by adding plants in modern attractive planter.


Another crucial part in how to decorate for modern bathroom design style is the perfect lighting. Modern light fixtures for bathroom especially LED types are amazing in geometric shapes and lines. Skylights are great for natural light and interest. Placement of lighting matters and considering about windows is also important.

Modern atmosphere can truly be created in your bathroom by including these elements. Ideas are adjustable to best fit your personal taste and requirement.

Tiny Half Bathroom Layout Ideas

Top Best 5 Small Bathroom Layout Space Maximizing Ideas

Although your bathroom is small spaced, it should become a very nice area for taking bath and relaxing after daily routine. Small bathroom layout ideas to maximize available space to sufficiently supporting the better look and feel are learnable. Examining the layout followed by well plans will help to cope with the issues. You may have to make a few compromises in order to get the best layout application.

Tiny Bathroom Layout Ideas

We have 5 best layouts to become ideally rearrangements or remodel ideas so that your small bathroom more accommodating. A huge difference is what to seek for the most out of the results to enjoy.

Tiny Full Bathroom

For 36 to 40 sq ft bathroom dimensions, this is a good idea to make the space comfortable to use. The size is very common for a guest bathroom and a master bathroom especially in tiny houses. It depends on bathing habits actually whether to pick fancy shower layout or simple tub-shower. The placement of towel bar should not become a nuisance to your comfort movement in the bathroom.

Tiny Third-Quarter Bathroom

6’ x 6’ tiny bathrooms third-square layout can have a nice standard shower, sink and toilet. They are sufficient for the comfort purpose while de—clutter the limited space. It is best to have the shower or vanity in the corner.

Tiny Bathroom Layout with a Separate Tub & Shower

Both tub and shower are possible to have separately in tiny bathrooms with the right layout. Indeed, the key is to make sure of ideal dimensions of all elements. Sliding door saves more space, this is a very good advice.

Narrow, Tiny Bathroom

To make sure of convenience without traffic flow interruption, small bathrooms can apply several tips. They are swinging door outward, sink next to toilet, wall niches for the sink & toilet and short wall shower design.

Tiny Half Bathroom

20 to 30 sq ft bathroom is the tiniest layout. It is good to go for a full bath makeover without any need of space carved out from the already existing floor plan. Thus, there is no need to do much plumbing work too. You can do it by applying a sink faucet converter that means dual-purpose as a shower. You should ensure of proper installation of drain on the floor.


By only applying a modest change of layout, tiny bathrooms can feel more comfortable. This means money saving and less labor too.

How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets

How to Do-It-Yourself Painting Bathroom Cabinets Tips

Painting bathroom cabinets is a very cost-effective way to revive the furniture. Buying new cabinets needs a steep cost. Instead of it, repainting is indeed a very wise solution to give your bathroom a new look and feel. This can be an easy project to do-it-yourself in the weekend that pleasingly with the result of fresh vibrant cabinet color in the next day.

Painting Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

However, it can also become a pain-staking activity if the project passed the finish date. To make sure in getting the best effort for the faster and smooth result, there are several tips.

What to Expect

While getting to know about how to paint your cabinetry, awaring of a few realities means a guide for you.

There are many pieces or components of cabinet such as shelves, hinges, brackets, fixtures and drawers that each one has to be uninstalled or removed.

Painting is only to fix the appearance of the bathroom cabinets, but you can also clean poorly functioning parts like rusty hinges or changing pulls to give the different look more.

Remove Fixtures

A screwdriver is usable to remove all parts like doors and hinges, or a reversible drill will also do. Save all parts of hardware that you intend to keep. Labeling each of them using masking tape will help you in the identification. Paint the insides or leave them, it is your choice.

Disintegration of cabinet, it is a considerable thing when it comes to painting the removed parts. Your sanity is important too during the project. It is always best to do it outdoor.

Clearing and Masking

All parts are removed and stored neatly to easily find and re-install them. Although you are doing the painting outside, it is still wise to keep flooring clean by spreading a drop of cloth around the surface of working area.


Any debris like dust, grease, fingerprints and others should be removed. TSP (trisodium phosphate) is a good-to-go choice for a clean surface of cabinets b y scrubbing vigorously.


Then you may want to check the details of your cabinets to see whether there are nicks and dings on the surface. A putty knife is good to use, then smooth it with a sandpaper.


All surfaces that you want to sand, just sand them all using medium to fine grit sandpaper. The purpose is so that primering and painting the surface are done nicely. Using tack cloth will help in getting cleaner result.

The First Coat

It is time for the primer that you can start by using a brush, roller or sprayer. Sprayer is good for latex paint which durable and easy to clean by water. If you choose a brush, then make sure of smooth and even motions for the good result without any brushstroke visible. Before proceeding, let the primer to dry fully by air. Then you may go for unfinished sides or apply the second primer.

The Second Coat

After drying the first, then go for the second that to allow to dry too.

Reattach Hardware

Whether keeping or changing the hardware, it should be easy in reattaching all parts back in.

Cost-efficient and great activity to fill the weekend, repainting bathroom cabinets should bring the new, fresh and pleasing atmosphere.

Hanging Bathroom Mirror Ideas

8 Out of the Box Decorating Tricks and Solutions with Bathroom Mirror Ideas

There are bathrooms in all shapes as well as sizes, whether giving fun or frustration. In case of you own issue in the selection of the right mirror, attempt reflecting on these out of the box ideas. Bathroom mirror ideas to decorate your space might spark applications in the effort to make the better bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Small Bathroom Solutions

Taking a look at yourself in the mirror is an important daily routine of in everyone’s life. We all agree that nice appearance begins from the inside out. This is one big reason of why hunting the right bathroom mirror is about a worthy investment. Among a variety of factors, you can look and feel for the best of the mirror. From antique to modern, minimal to ornate, and everything in between, the probabilities are limitless to perfectly suit how you  would like to take a look at yourself. Here are 8 decorating ideas with mirror to choose and apply in your bathroom.

In Front of a Window

Frees up wall area for the better configuration or layout of the room, it is creative to mount the mirror on a window. This idea suits small bathrooms for an expansion especially if you have a larger shower space. The vanity space can also have its storage kept.

All styles of window can work best with this idea while to dress up average window. However, hardware for the mounting is quite hard to find and you also need to get the right size of the mirror for the window.


This perfectly suits bathrooms without enough wall to hang the mirror. A cable system can be used to suspend the mirror for the space saver with minimalist decor. Apartments and condominiums can have this option.

Almost all styles especially minimalist, eclectic, industrial and contemporary can apply this mirror idea. Several advantages to gain such as more plans for the flooring, free up vanity and wall space free with privacy illusion. You can also apply the better configurations of back-to-back plumbing. However, only a professional can do the secure installation both hardware and mirror to mount.


This is the inverse solution of the suspended mirror. Small bathrooms can have more usable space of the mirror while also quite practical with creative covering of the wall. Custom-cut for the wall-to-wall look, reflective surfaces and ultimately great for bathrooms without windows.

Eclectic, transitional, contemporary and modern, the window solution suits these styles well. Any bathroom with small space issue can be made brighter with more depth due to reflection of the mirror. However, in comparison with other options, you have to be careful so that not to scratch it due to the expensive price.


A more complete view of you although in small space, this mirror is the option. Choosing to install this kind of mirror in kids’ bathroom is nice. Adjustability makes it useful as they grow. This is about an investment that long lasting.

The hardware of the mirror gives depth that aesthetic as a standpoint as well as attractive backsplash. Creating an element of visual is simple just by installing the backsplash behind the mirror. Traditionally and transitionally, this trick works best with more viewing area by tilting action in tiny spaces like hallway bathrooms as well as powder rooms. However, it is best to purchase expensive models that feel heavy and sturdy to DIY in the installation so that safe.


Do you have a mirrored surface on the wall? Then mounting a mirror on top of it makes a great statement with classy and creative look. The price is maybe more expensive than other coverings for walls but can be less expensive than glass tile or natural stone. The idea is to create reflective light as illusive bright.

Eclectic and traditional are wonderful to apply this layered bathroom mirror. However, you will need an extra effort when it comes to cleaning the arrangement, moreover tricky and costly installation.

Floor to Ceiling

This is a good solution especially if you own reservations about mirror mounting above a mirrored surface. Mirrored tiles is one of the ways among many to make this effect.

All styles can work this trick to create deeper feel bathroom with illusive light. Another function is to provide a full-length mirror for dressing. There are many optional colors to create attractive styles of bathroom feature. However, expensive, hard to install and clean are considerable things of this floor to ceiling mirror.

Built-in Medicine Cabinet

A quite practical solution to maximize small bathrooms with a need of more storage is by installing a built-in medicine cabinet. Of course, the furniture is with a mirror on it. Custom designs are available with best styles to work with like eclectic, transitional, contemporary and modern.

Efficiency is the main reason of why selecting this cabinet. However, more budget is needed to afford the material and installation.

Multiple mirrors

To transform an ordinary bathroom, multiple mirrors can be a great solution. The trick helps to display family antique finds and heirlooms but ensure of secure installation. Eclectic and farmhouse are most suitable styles.

Decorative and artistic, you can DIY the installation to adjust the mirrors in a fun way. However, it is not that simple to get a full view not to mention hard to clean too.

Which one that inspires you the most to apply? Taking more close and closer look at the condition of the bathroom is wise for the best solution and trick.

Modern Custom Granite Top Floating Bathroom Vanity

How to Select the Perfect Custom Bathroom Vanities

A variety of custom bathroom cabinets to fit the needs of every bathroom becomes the solution to implement and fit the home. Different finish, face and door make better accessories and storage selections. There are ones with sinks, pantries and more for some extra additions. A variety of wood species and styles along with the ability to plus and subtract accessories and pieces, you can be sure of finding the best one. Thus, the bathroom you have always dreamed about to be true.

Modern Contemporary Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets

Vanities have more potential in contemporary bathrooms than ever before. By mixing all the distinguish selections, you can transform any bathroom into a attractively furnished and amazingly unique space. Among all available full line of custom vanities, accessories and storage selections, just decide to pick one that sustains your bathroom vanity project the most.

The Perfect Bathroom Vanities

An amazing vanity design requires well planning and detail attention too. Several considerations will help you in how to design the perfect custom bathroom vanity. Settling the layout, style and types of sinks as well as countertops are great basics to design your brand new space of vanity.


Where and how big that the vanity to take place in the bathroom are two first questions to ask yourself before deciding on colors, finishes as well as fixtures. An example, a galley layout requires two spaces for the vanity which separated by a pass-through. Both spaces may include sinks, or customize them to best fit your needs with convenience.

Modern bathrooms are with clean lines, streamlined and efficient for storage and counter area. One section cabinetry is excellent by horizontal vanities.

When it comes to L shaped vanities, they maximize corner space with ample leg and room for arm. In master bathrooms where space is larger, a distinct vanity is an appeal. The shape is also wonderful in small bathrooms.

Type of Sink

Color and material of the sink are important to coordinate well in the bathroom space, but the type should come first. Drop-in, wall mount or undermount, attractively functional and easy to clean make the better selection.

Number of Sinks

Single or double, each has pros and cons. Although double sinks are preferred by most homeowners, space restrictions become a considerable con. If you have a smaller bathroom, then vanities less than 60 inches will do. You can select one with sink whether in the left, right or center.


Custom vanities come in all designs including traditional and even antique styles. Paint or stain, color, door style and storage are factors when selecting traditional vanities. Freestanding or floating, just go with your taste and requirements.


Material options are granite, marble, quartz, concrete, laminate, solid surface and wood. Each has pros and cons such as granite and quartz with their durability, designer patterns but sealing regularly is needed one or two years because of the porosity.

More Fixtures

Your vanity should blend well with the rest of your bathroom as well as color scheme. This is the next level of attention after deciding the layout and finishes. There are hardware, lighting, mirror and faucets to make your custom bathroom comes true. Most popular finishes are oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, brushed nickel and stainless steel.

Unique Marmara White Bathroom Decor

Timeless Appeal Marble Bathroom Decor Ideas

Luxury that you can bring to your home with marble bathroom is like a new level of playfulness. Comfortable effect makes your bathroom to become a great relaxation area, if you have the high flavor. The watery setting with marble stone now comes in various designs of modern bathroom that each one has precious effect to suit you at best.

Aesthetic All Marble Bathroom Design Ideas

Marble has been well known for its luxury as one of most lovable materials for home improvement. Durable to last long for generations, proper maintenance keeps the beauty timeless to inspire us year after year.

Unique patterns create artistic decors especially by white and gray combination. This is something that you can advantage to give the bathroom a sophisticated appearance. It is not easy but possible to create symmetrical marble tile designs. Matching flooring to be cohesively with the countertops can also create a little drama.

Modern Marble Bathrooms

Straight line of contemporary bathroom design, marble whether light-colored or dark-colored, it oozes iconic commitment on quality. It is not merely about beauty, but also personal hygiene and stunning statements of art. Only a specialist can combine ideas for elegant bathrooms with marble.

One of the most exciting bathroom ideas with marble stone is Marmara White. It has a very unique type featuring parallel veins in dark color. You can truly enjoy the luxury just like in a hotel. All marble or some parts using marble materials, ideas are to create truly exquisite decor.

Marble Shower

Doorless showers are great to enjoy more the luxury of the bathroom. Unique veins and coloring of marble tiles are nice for an abstract design. You can get it with the type of marble and dimensions of the tiles to do. It is best to keep simple and minimalist open design so that the marble tiles stand out.

Marble Countertops

Versatility makes any design and style of bathroom vanity can have a matching decor with marble as the material for the top. Whatever the color and finish of vanity cabinet, marble stone adds sophisticated luxury to its appearance.

Marble Sink

Carrara makes really unique decor including in form of sinks. The perfect product can be selected to best enhance the bathroom look. Shape, size and pattern should incorporate the existing decor elegantly.

Marble Tile Flooring

Bring in the classic elegance into your bathroom with marble flooring. Benefits are durability, cleanliness and versatility. Carrara marble is a great selection for the richness that is hard to beat. Classic or modern, aesthetic value is always an appeal.

Gray and white, marble tiles give timeless decor to any home. It has always been an excellent investment with marble for improvement projects including bathroom area.

Modern Bathroom LED Lighting Ideas

The Most Important Bathroom Lighting Ideas and Tips

Creative and unique bathroom lighting ideas can be traditional and simple to properly light up your bathroom. Using multiple layers is the key while creating a feel of luxury. Makeup wall sconce lighting, decorative lights in the ceiling, tub, even accent with recessed lighting for the perimeter are nice.

Modern Bathroom LED Lighting Ideas

As an essential part of decor, lighting in bathroom makes the most of the space. This makes an expert bathroom lighting a very important element every homeowner should never neglect.

There are several things to keep in mind for the finest quality of bathroom lighting. Bright and clean atmosphere with ample overhead lights is a must. Thus, task lighting is the supportive feature with the ability you can count on for the spa-like space that relaxing. Adjustability is also important that you can have with dimmers.

Focus Lighting

For the general lighting, overhead recessed is great, or you can also choose the ceiling mount type. Task lighting for the vanity area should be excellent that you can place on either side or above the mirror. Then you need to install focus lighting to light up the tub and shower area. If you are interested in creating float-like wall art, strip lighting is cool for wall-mounted cabinets.

Bathroom Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

The most common mistakes related to bathroom lighting are to avoid for the most of illumination. It is an awful thing to see a sea of black holes that created by too many of recessed lighting fixtures in the ceiling. A simple decent amount should do it.

For the vanity area, it is harsh and unflattering to have down lighting directly pointing on your head. It is much better by positioning ceiling light over the walkway to light you from behind.

Another common mistake is an installation of asymmetrical lighting that creates uneven illumination. This is bad when grooming. Opaque or frosted bulbs are the better choices instead of clear bulbs with filaments that tend to cast a shadow in the bathroom.

Shower and Tub Lighting

Both ends of a tub deserve an equal amount of lighting. When it comes to the shower, it depends on the size, and you should have to consider about safe lighting installation.

LED Lighting Technology

Low energy consumption and convenient, LEDs are clean-lined look that show modern and minimalist. Today, warmer quality of LED lighting fixtures is excellent to combine with incandescent bulbs for the cohesion in appearance. MR-16 bulbs work great with low-voltage recessed light fixtures for the clear, crisp, versatile dimmable quality.

Moisture is a concern in bathroom lighting. Fabric shades are strongly not recommended especially in bathrooms with a jacuzzi tub. The best metal finishes are nickel, brushed chrome and stainless steel. It is better to avoid brass and cast bronze because they tend to corrode due to more delicacy.

Dark Bathroom Floor Tiles Ideas

How to Opt for the Right Bathroom Flooring

When it comes to opting for bathroom flooring for a new build home, it must be one of the hardest options to get it right. It does not just about a good look and coordination with the selected wall finish, but it has also to be resistant to liquid and humidity, as well as being anti slippery and less effort in the maintenance.

Dark Bathroom Floor Tiles Ideas

Porcelain and ceramic are most selected tiles for several good reasons, although there are LVT (luxury vinyl tile), rubber, engineered wood, stone, rubber and even polished concrete as worthy options too. The very first question that wise is that who will be using the bathroom. This is important before considering about materials or styles. This is about working out priorities of yours in the establishment. You can find most of the types work for a family with children and adult inhabitants. Addressing certain hazards to prevent is indeed about safety for everyone at home.

Some examples such as for family with young kids are rubber and vinyl. Both materials are hard wearing and have the ability to withstand water quite well. Colors and patterns are vast in the selection to make the bathroom more playful and fun during bath time. When it comes to family with elderly person, slip resistant flooring and soft underfoot materials are good. Vinyl comes in a variety of finishes that looks wonderful with stone and wood flooring.

For some extra references about best flooring for your bathroom, let us reveal them in simple sentences.


Porcelain is not ceramic. The two materials are different one from another. Porcelain is denser and fired longer at a high temperature than ceramic. Harder and less porous, porcelain tends to be through-colored tiles. More of quality features are hardwearing, stain resistant, impervious to water, easy to clean and lay, hygienic, lightweight, versatile and uniform in size with many finishes.

Specific porcelain tiles that designed for the wall are not recommended to install on the flooring. Unglazed tiles need to be sealed in the installation while the glazed ones do not.


Slate is the current trend with its naturally beautiful colors and patterns. One of most common issues is that its waterproofing quality. Due to advancements, Lithofin stain-stop is applicable to cope with it. Very hardwearing, vastly available selections and really gorgeous when honed or polished, slate stone tile flooring for bathroom is awesome.

There are several things to bear in mind about stone flooring. Higher maintenance than porcelain due to porosity makes sealing requirement during installation. Every couple of years, you have to do a reseal. The cleaning products for slate tile flooring should be chosen properly to keep the aesthetic regularly.


LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile comes in so many great colors and patterns of the real thing look-like at cheaper price. Several quality features are resistant to water, soft, warm, thin and hardwearing. Stone and wood are exciting effects to give your bathroom dynamic finishes.

Although can last up to 12 even 20 years, LVT should be installed by a specialist if you are not sure to DIY.

Wood & Engineered Wood

There are several layers which make up engineered wood for the thicker quality. To become flooring material for bathroom, engineered wood is more stable than wood which also less prone to water.

When it comes to maintaining, you have to make sure of dry flooring. It is unwise to leave wet towels and bath bats on the floor. This is a simple key to prevent problems. Engineered wood in porcelain tile effects is a latest  trend due to improved textures and patterns at cheap price.


Family with children and elderly is perfect to have rubber flooring in the bathroom. There are bright colors that can easily to evolve for the decor. Water resistant makes rubber easy to clean and maintain, hygienic with many patterns and colors available.

It is a strong recommendation to pick a high slip resistant textured finish to become a safe flooring. It is not recommended to use cleaners for the maintenance that contain abrasive and acidic essences.


The finish longevity of your bathroom floor is determined by the subfloor. When it comes to an uneven floor, self-leveling compound is good. Different materials are with different requirements to become the subflooring.

Across the entire flooring rather than cutting around sanitaryware is a strong recommendation in the installation. This is important so that not to leave gaping holes in the future.