Modern Glass Top Dining Table Designs Wood Legs

What Modern Dining Table Can Give to Your Dining Room

Designs and styles are unconventional but modern dining table takes up less space. While still offering functionality, modern tables for dining room combine different materials and colors. Clean lines feature beautiful look. This is a good idea to bring closer the family together. Mostly the seating capacity is just 4-6 chairs although we can also find larger tables.

Modern Walnut Finished Dining Table and Chairs Set

Metal, wood, glass and synthetic materials can be found in modern dining room tables today. A fine incorporation of colors in the material combination has become a lovable feature. This makes a distinctive decor to any dining room makeover. A variety of shapes including custom ones help in making a great statement beside of a brand new look.

When it comes to durability, most modern and contemporary dining tables are constructed on synthetic fibers and tubular metals. Lighter, stronger and aesthetic in design, improved functionality and more acceptable reasons make people choose them. Storage and display are mostly favored values. Let us check several references here.

Jensen Dining Table – This piece has a retro-inspired solid walnut wood frame-base. Clear tempered glass top makes a very aesthetic combination. This beautiful and strong quality of modern dining room table design pairs well with upholstered Crest Bentwood Chairs. You can purchase it by spending around $599 for a rectangular shaped and $399 for a round one.

Starburst Dining Table – Elegance is the feature to fall in love with this easygoing dining table. Oak and walnut are two top quality luminous finishes that truly appealing. This modern dining table can go with classic dining room decor too. Starburst pattern on oval shaped, you can have this eye-catching piece of $599 dining furniture.

Modern Expandable Dining Table – If you want a space-saver table that can provide more surfaces when needed, then this is the one with sleek body. Scandinavian modernism is the inspiration. Pecan finished legs solid ash wood give a fine complimentary to white lacquer engineered body finish. This kind of drop-in leaf dining table costs around $699 – $899.

Your personal taste that decides the best modern dining room table to take part in your place. What to give into your dining room is everything to consider in the selection of the right piece, chairs and accessories as a set.

Contemporary White Formal Dining Room Sets

Finding Best Formal Dining Room Sets for Everyone

To become the central attraction, formal dining room sets look elegantly fine. Yes, it is your personality in taste that decides the very best followed by several important aspects. Opting for the right table and chairs along with accessories in set means a lot in gaining more benefits. A formal set of dining furniture suits highly sophisticated dining rooms. Rectangular wood-finished tables and tall chairs are in demand. Today, glass top tables do also represent formality in dining rooms.

Formal Dining Room Sets Ashley

Armless and armrest chairs, the seats are classy and elegant especially ones with arms. Broad back and soft seat make comfortable chairs to sit on. Shapes, sizes and features are optional to highly support your comfort during meals.

The availability of space in your place is a considerable element in finding best dining room sets. If you place the furniture in kitchen, smaller sets with fewer chairs will be wise. You can also pick a bar table with stools to take place in living room. Checking quality before making a purchase is important. This is more than about best for entertaining but also an investment.

Elegant Formal Dining Room Sets on Sale

Midvale CM3650T Dining Set – This is an elegant choice for the contemporary style of dining room furniture. For small spaces especially in apartments, this easy leaf expandable dining table is a very good design. High gloss white finish lacquer coating wth chrome trimmed base, you can have this set of formal dining furniture as a centerpiece. Midvale Collection offers the dining table at $800.70 while side chairs around $170.00 a piece.

ESP’s Glass Top 151 Dining Table – Here comes another contemporary styled dining room set to give modern formal dining atmosphere. With sturdy construction of metal legs and clear glass on top, you can also choose to have matching chairs in white. The table costs $680.00 for a 71″W and $629.00 for 63″W. Side chairs are for sale around $85.00 a piece.

Chelvey 5 Piece Dining Table Set – The price for all pieces is $1,089.99. The style is so much of vintage French with combination of cream and dark espresso. Beveled glass top makes the table to look nice with strength to count on. Smaller families will have fine dining experiences with this set.

It is about personal taste, requirements and budget to decide in picking the right set. Then, decor ideas and quality are to follow.