Modern Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets Red and White

Top 6 Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets Ideas for Contemporary Homes

Your cooking space can have some visual interest with two tone kitchen cabinets. Whether DIY renovating or professionally, color combinations for cabinetry are becoming a trend. The perfect proportional amount of contrast gives cohesive and inviting look. Whether the darker cabinets above or on the bottom, the application depends on your sense of style to work best in your home.

Contemporary Dark Wood Base Cabinets and White Upper Cabinets Glass Doors

RTA kitchen cabinets in two finishes offer easy way to recreate the kitchen of your dream. Finding the right look is sometimes the hardest thing. With two-tone cabinets, it is like getting your personality represented uniquely.

Wood on White

If dynamic appeal is what you seek, white and wood are a good pair with openness and freshness while also warmth to feature by the focal point. Mostly, wood is for the base cabinets and white for the above parts. It is fantastic for the old-world aura in your cooking area.

To follow this idea, the wood front island with crisp white countertop makes a very nice integration.

Traditional and transitional, these styles are what you can decide with this wood and white cabinetry effect. You can also make it modern with the sleek and smooth color finishes followed by complementary hardware.

Wood on Wood

Traditional and modern, the effects are wonderful by combining contrasting tones of wood for the contemporary home kitchen design. The richness of two different wood finishes together is easy to achieve.

Wood on Glossy

The idea is to combine wood upper cabinets and glossy lacquer base cabinets. Warmth is naturally more to show with paler wood tone on the uppers.

Classic white subway tile backsplash composition adds eclectic look that not outrageous in fighting for attention in the area.

Navy on Wood

Neutral colors offer almost any idea to mix and match including with colors of you like. Navy blue is one excellent example to come up with to effortlessly complement other shades. Any statement is possible to show with plentiful variety.

Neutral on Neutral

There are optional whites that approachable for the elegant kitchen of your dream to come true. Subtle neutral shades can be combined to achieve the sleekness you like.

Bold Color on Neutral

To get a bolder hit of color nicely, lower cabinetry accent does excellent in bringing a pleasing hue while keeping relaxation overall. Any color you like is applicable actually.

To stimulate the appetite, red is a good choice to pick for the details such as knobs, pulls and small-size appliances. Pure white or gray, either has the ability to avoid clashes if you go for color combination.

Square Wood Kitchen Table and Chairs

Picking the Perfect Kitchen Table You Love

The right kitchen table supports everyday meals and entertainment with family and friends whether a formal style or just an eat-in kitchen. Adaptable to space and size endlessly, the best tables are ones that fit your decor and style personally. You can find such table furniture to make everybody in the house entertained in the room that seems like a dream. It may take some time in the effort to assemble the perfect dining set, but this is for the most out of kitchen central element.

Square Wood Kitchen Table and Chairs

A vast variety of materials and styles, from wood to glass and metal tables are optional. Wood farmhouse tables are fit to fill rustic style room decor, and a round shape is nice for a larger room. If space saving is what you seek for, drop leaf is the particular choice for limited space.

Custom-made tables have the quality to best specific requirements such as in shapes and sizes. You can have the high value of kitchen and dining table design.

Wooden tables are mostly in square and rectangular although there are other conceivable shapes. Both square and rectangular offer easy way to add seats. Round shape is an exceptionally popular choice because the shape has no correct orientation to fit any room layout.

After deciding the perfect shape, then the size should be chosen so that to accommodate everyone. A tiny counter height table can fit a small apartment. There are more choices available for larger spaces.

A table should be paired with seating to form a dining set. There are stools, benches and chairs to set the tone in your kitchen and dining area. From casual to formal, rustic to modern, accommodating everyone is the main purpose of having dining furniture set.

Modern Kitchen with Gray Painted Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Versatile Decorating with Gray Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

One of the trendiest, gray kitchen cabinets are the versatile choices for modern or old world, contemporary or traditional. According to the style of the doors, you can decide what style to pour to your kitchen with the gray cupboards. There are some considerations to assist pick whether this cool appearance is perfect for you.

Modern Kitchen with Gray Painted Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

It is confirmed; gray color has dominated over the interior design topic. Beginning as a pioneer for modern and farmhouse houses alike, the color of gray is a favorite neutral and an obsession for homeowners. There are more applications than to furniture and decor, gray cabinets keep rising in popularity until this day.

Warm and cold, gray paint color skews very well with a variety of different tones. This means easy pairing with numerous designs of backsplash, countertops and appliance finishes. These tips may help you for incorporating the color in your house.

Light or Dark

It is your preference that decides the hue for gray cabinets, and something to do with the space of the kitchen. Light gray color is always much better for smaller kitchens or when natural light is limited whereas brightness is amplified. Darker gray does not absorb light that makes the room feel smaller and even gloomy.

Warm or Cool

Other colors deeply influence gray especially reds, blues and yellows. Whether cooler or warmer, each undertone determines it. Blue leads to a steely shade, red to taupe, the variation is customizable based on a set of palette of your choice. Several samples of finish will good to go to the test in your space.

Stained or Painted

Through painting, you have an opaque hue with an evenly crisp coloration that easy to wipe down. Stain variations of pale and dark are offered by paint colors. Some wood grain by translucent finish is nice to get through staining. This is nice for the visual texture highlighting the wood underneath. An easy cleaning is an advantage through protective coating properly.

Countertop Colors

Any of the available material options looks great with gray cabinets thanks to the neutrality. Natural stone, stainless steel, endless ideas are pourable to represent your taste of style.

A Mix of Colors

If you are interested in two-tone kitchen cabinets, combining gray with another is a popular trend. Whether complementary or contrasting, gray shade can make a very good shade.

Handy Hardware

When it comes to hardware for gray cabinetry, it is also about versatility. Silver, gold, bronze, brushed nickel, chrome or stainless steel, it depends on your personal preference.

Contemporary Corner Kitchen Sink Faucet Stainless Steel

Is Corner Kitchen Sink the Best for You?

Designs of corner kitchen sink can be awkward and hard to work with but you have to admit that they appear great. They may not have the similar benefits as the regular type but with characteristics to discover before fixing to pick them in your kitchen.

Modern Elegant Stainless Steel Corner Kitchen Sink

Turning your corner kitchen space that usually inactive into an active one, this may become a practical choice that you need. You will not have a dead corner in the kitchen space.

In a small kitchen, this is a great idea to free up more counter space that means more prep surface and a big plus counter.

Adjustable modern faucet makes a great completion to the sink uniquely. This is for the ergonomic friendliness. Corner unobstructed windows give multiple directions, and this idea is surely marvelous as a set.


Sometimes less to even none natural light becomes an issue be corner sink. As said, corner windows are a good solution although you can also choose to install under-cabinet lighting to fix it while adding style at the same time.

Underneath the sink, useless space is the most common issue but you can also get the perfect corner base cabinet for the most out of the space.

Only one person can use the sink at a time. Well, having more than just one is a solution to cope with this while adding extra washing area.


Considering small spaces, the sink is to take place between the fridge and the range. Fitting to the existing space of your kitchen, there are designs to best maximize it.

Stainless – Unique and strainer on the side, it has great look with contemporary design and shiny finish. This metal is elegant, durable and easy to clean.

Contemporary – Hexagon shape is an excellent choice when it comes to shape. More practicality with convenience is offered so that you can do with the sides.

Undermount – It looks neater and steadier as seen while giving refreshing and stunning in a super grade.

Sink with Cabinet – This is a great solution to maximize space underneath it with storage. There are paint colors and finishes to match and enhance existing decor in your kitchen.

Why Kitchen Sink in the Corner?

Beside of an interesting appearance, it makes a memorable feature as one of your kitchen focal points.

You can have the more flexible workspace when prepping and washing ingredients. This means an ingenious design and layout. Although small spaced, your kitchen can have the extra counters.

Beautiful Natural Unfinished Pine Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Getting Best Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets Ideas & Tips

Unique and beautiful, unfinished kitchen cabinets have the ultimate flexibility. Whether to stain, paint or leave the wood cabinets unfinished, you choose the crucial step to determine the kitchen decor. Wood makes the exclusive natural state with no stain, varnish or any treatment of paint at all. Just plan for the best kitchen cabinet application as you adore.

Beautiful Natural Unfinished Pine Wood Kitchen Cabinets

There are limitless selections to complete the appearance of unfinished cabinets. Any kitchen style can have this kind of cabinetry. From simple to custom ideas, let your personal taste to decide.

The easiest idea is to leave the natural wood starkly that shows exclusively distinctive of rustic, casual and welcoming focal point. Most popular types of wood are ivory, mahogany, cherry, pine, maple and oak. They have a high-quality of unfinished look at high value.

Stain or add a veneer, this is the second option in treating unfinished cabinets. By staining, you can make the more natural look of the wood cabinets but more labor is required intensively. More diverse stain colors are available too.

Anytime you want to create a fresh atmosphere in your kitchen, any color of paint is applicable onto the cabinets. This is not merely about masking the natural grain of the wood, but for the brand new appearance by face-lifting them.

Quality and durability of unfinished wooden cabinets show professional craftsmanship as well as service and value. Doors and fronts of drawer come in excellent number of styles and finishes. Custom constructions make easy to modify cabinet furniture sizes.

To get the best custom unfinished cabinets for your kitchen and also bathroom, there are steps to reflect your lifestyle. Cabinet style, wood species, style of door and drawer and layouting kitchen will make the most out of the cabinets.

You may also choose an island in solid wood for a welcoming addition to kitchen workspace and storage. Glass doors give unfinished cabinets more cherish look. Other decorative elements such as hardware pulls, handles and even window treatments are choices to go on.

Modern Contemporary Custom Kitchen Cabinets Red and White

Popular Modern Kitchen Cabinets of Today’s Trends

Modern kitchen cabinets can truly become stunning focal point in the space as the heart of the home. Everyone has personal space but when it comes to gathering, it is always the kitchen. Glamor and inviting, sparkling decor of modern styles will make a convenient space for eating, chatting, playing games or just hanging out together.

Modern Contemporary Custom Kitchen Cabinets Red and White

Minimalist and clean in lines with smart storage types, you can declutter kitchen items nicely. Ideas are many and applicable to perfectly represent your taste and fill your needs.

Veneer Wood – To become material for the cabinet doors, it is a fresh trend with warmth and depth of modernism especially the slab veneer. Due to as a natural product, it also brings the nature back into furniture manufacturing. Excellent wood grains are really lovable aesthetic patterns.

However, buyers should be aware of the quality, and it is best to get one from reputable dealer. You will want the veneers that properly done for the long lasting modern cabinets.

Stainless Steel – Modern and sleek, this metal is nice to become the focal point in almost all styles of kitchen today. Pros of stainless steel are easy to clean, durable and extremely sanitary, while the cons are prone to scratch, heavy and expensive.

Lacquered – Bright and shiny with rich color due to polishing and waxing, it is unmatched when it comes to sleek aesthetic value compared to others. Lacquer finishes can chip easily if not done properly. You can choose any color and with regularly proper maintenance, you can keep the glossy paint for a long period.

Modern White – The color has always been a popular choice with clean-looking value. You can mix and match with various hardware styles for the appeal you favor. Modern small kitchens can have very amazing designs that meet any taste of the homeowner.

Stained Wood – Unique tint color makes a contemporary design for today’s cabinetry trend. Sleek stain makes distinctive color scheme of wood grain especially the knotty ones. Each owner of this modern cabinetry shall have the one and only pattern on their kitchen cabinets.


Combining different styles to get your very own modern cabinets is cool. Paint, lacquer and wood can be mixed up for the appealing focal point in your kitchen. Well, if you are planning on DIY project, just consult to a professional cabinet-maker and an interior decorator.

Kitchen Flooring Mohawk Carpet Install

Top 10 Kitchen Flooring Options Ideas and Materials

Let us take a look at the kitchen flooring options in ideas and materials to weigh pros and cons of each of them. If you are thinking of upgrading your cooking area, the right flooring should have both function and durability as the most considerable factors. You can go for a durable and low maintenance but making sure of becoming an investment is a must. The beauty of the material and style adds more overwhelming experience in your kitchen.

Contemporary Flooring Ideas for Kitchen

The function of the flooring, this element should take the most important consideration. Due to a high-traffic area in your house, it tends to get chunked by food, spilled by waters, oils, wine and dishes. Low maintenance flooring makes your kitchen easy to clean and withstand use over time.

Top options of durable flooring include concrete, stone, tile, rubber, vinyl and wood laminate. When it comes to cushioning, there are bamboo, cork, wood, vinyl, wood laminate, carpet tiles and rubber. Each has its own quality to consider the pros and cons.


Eco-friendly, bamboo is also durable as a natural material. It is a strong recommendation to seek for the products at a reputable brand to ensure of the warranty. As a durable, beautiful, eco-friendly and long warranty, bamboo can easily to dent as its con.

$5 – $7 per sq ft cost and $8 per sq for the installation average, it makes bamboo flooring affordable especially for small spaces.


High maintenance and hard to clean, carpeting suits modern homes due to industrial grade that especially designed for high traffic areas like kitchen. Installation is easy and carpet tiles are removable for cleaning and replacement.

Buying an extra box of carpet tiles that easy to DIY installation secures for future requirements. As a durable, modern, soft and recyclable material, carpet comes in beautiful modern colors and textures. To keep the convenience, you will need to clean and vacuum carpet flooring frequently.

$1.85 to $8.00 per sq is the price for carpet flooring but does not include installation.


Durable and great in look, you cannot find another material to match the tone of concrete. Various finishes give custom look as you like. You can stain, polish, stencil and wax fresh concrete pouring.

Radiant color heating is a good idea to have beneath the concrete flooring in areas with colder climate. This is to make the warmer atmosphere although the material is moisture-resistant. The versatile concrete flooring costs between $2 – $30 per sq ft.


Unique texture and soft padding, cork is a good choice that insulates against noise and temperature. Anti-microbial makes no insects and pests to come by. It is quite easy to install so you can do the installation yourself to save budget.

This durable, eco-friendly and attractive flooring option for kitchen can actually easily dent or scratch. Buying a few spares will serve your flooring right in case you need replacements in the future.

The cost is ranging from $2 to $15 per sq without installation fee.

Laminate Wood

Affordable and durable, laminate wood makes a very interesting flooring for kitchen. Softness and ergonomic solution with easy installation, you can have a modern simple floor. There are variety of styles widely to mix and match with your kitchen decor ideas.

The longest warranty as you can get from laminate flooring is a strong recommendation. Cost effective makes this material a popular option. However, noisy and slippery are the cons beside its not refinishable issue.

You can afford laminate wood by spending between $1.50 – $5.00 per sq ft without installation fee.


Although almost similar to cork, you can find rubber flooring in much more selections of colors and textures. Adhesive-free and high-grip, the material is easy to install and popular for flooring upgrade temporarily.

Durable, cushy and anti-slip, rubber tiles or sheetings are comfortable under feet due to the padding. This natural material is resistant to water and fire with cost around $3.50 – $9.00 per sq ft without installation.


The most favorable varieties are marble, slate and travertine in form of tiles or slabs. Unique, earthy in color and pattern, stone offers the natural cool to install in warmer climates.

Strong, durable and easy to clean, stone flooring requires sealing, prone to stain and may easily chip.

Depending on what variety of stone, the cost is ranging between $2 – $25 per sq ft with installation fee approximately $8 per sq ft.


Low maintenance, easy to clean, durable and reflective quality, tile can expand the look of kitchen space. Contemporary designs are mostly replicas of wood with amazing textures and patterns.

You cannot DIY the installation of tile, so hire a professional especially if you have an uneven subflooring. Smaller grout lines make easier maintenance.

Low maintenance, moisture-resistant and durable, there are a variety of styles, colors and shapes of tile flooring ideas. $1 – $8 per sq ft is the price with $7 fee for the installation per sq ft.


Affordable and in a large variety of styles and textures, vinyl becomes the most resistant material to water with easy installation for the tiles. A professional is needed for the sheet installation.

Vinyl material that looks like wood is the contemporary style with the beautiful grain to adore as if it is real wood flooring. The con is about its chemical essences that may harm to health. It also needs a flawless subflooring to fit.

$1.50 – $5.00 per sq ft is the cost with installation excluded.


Unique high—end warm look, you can choose based on grain and age of the wood to become a special flooring. A special protection is also required to keep away excessive moisture.

The smaller planks are the better so that not to cup and warp over time as if happen to wider ones. Durable, attractive and refinishable, wood flooring adds resale value to your property. However, dent and scratch can happen beside of noisy and the requirement of periodic refinishing.

$4 – $12 per sq ft is the price and installation averages at $8 per sq ft by a professional.

White Marble Subway Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

Visual Interest Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas & Tips

Having a wonderful kitchen can significantly enhance the look and feel of your entire house. Whether you love a sleek, modern space that features gleaming white accents and overtoning stainless steel, kitchen tile backsplash ideas come to help you completing the projects. Let your personal taste to decide and lifestyle to truly adore the beauty of backsplash tiling.

Unique Kitchen Backsplash Tile Ideas

Most people go with burgundies or rich reds for the cozy home kitchen decor. You can dream big by having creative or custom design of cabinetry, sparkling luxury of granite and quartz stone countertops, and backsplash that surely awesome with appealing colors to every eye.

Pouring all of your favorite elements working harmoniously in the same room is probably the hardest thing here. Breathing the fresh life into your backsplash can be by mixing and matching with other parts especially the cabinets and countertops. Getting the scenes of the entire space will help in the picking of the perfect design. Dramatic ideas are surely very exciting.

Earthy in textures, subway slate stone tile is excellent to pair with most of cabinet colors from frameless white to espresso. Each time cooking and doing dishes, you will find the backsplash tile very enchanting. It is almost endless to decorate kitchen walls with slate tiles.

Unique backsplashes make awesome accents on the walls. There are backsplash ideas for every house and design from eclectic to contemporary. To give your current kitchen backsplash an update, there are more tile ideas to explore for the most aesthetic appeal, diversity in visual and color. Perhaps, it is a good idea to experiment with bold statement in colors, designs and patterns.

Subway tile is a classic choice but today comes in a wide variety of materials and colors to represent your taste of style in decor. The color of the grout is also important to blend with the tiles.

Another popular choice is mosaic tile with its some visual interest. The materials are glass, stone and ceramic as the most favorable today. Peel and stick tiles make it a lot easier and fun to install even without a pro.

If you seek for some vintage styles, penny tile will make a very eye-catching choice. Small and light colored with dark grout, you can bring the classic elegance back to life in your kitchen.

Cohesive design is a must by incorporating cabinets and countertops with the backsplash ideas. This is more than just about beauty but synergy in your kitchen.

Small White Kitchen with Marble Countertops

Marble Kitchen Countertops – It is an Investment?

When it comes to choosing kitchen countertops, white marble is still the top classic selection for many home-owners. Marble kitchen countertops are so popular – the natural stone material has been an adorable with fans around the world for millennia. A great variety is available to select depending on your preference on the species and how it is cut to size.

Small White Kitchen with Marble Countertops

If you are going to renovate your kitchen, marble is a good investment although you should consider the cons of the material too. Well, let us get to the topic then.

Porous, High-Maintenance

In case the marble tops are stained by agents such as oil, juice, or wine, it is wise to wipe the surface off right away due to the vulnerability of the material. If you are too late, the staining agents will seep deep into it that eventually hard to reverse. Well, sealing professionally and regularly every six months is the solution to prevent it essentially.

Easy to Get Scratches

Marble as a natural stone is much softer than others like granite. This is unfortunate, but less polished effect honing process can make the less noticeable etches. You better not to let anyone including yourself lean up against the natural stone counters.

Irresistible Beauty

Marble has the gleaming surface appearance of polished and feminine to mix with gold or brass. If you want your kitchen to be modern and monochromatic, chrome is a good pair. Versatility lets you to decorate kitchen in different design styles, which is trendy today.


One of the least expensive marble stones is Carrara which grayer and softer, and costs less than $60 per sq ft. It includes honing, installation and backsplash. Calacatta marble is excellent with dramatic veining and whiter surface, and surely the higher price too.


The natural stone is able to withstand high temperature. However, risk of discoloring or burning is better to avoid by using a holder for hot pots.

Beautiful IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Dark Brown Finish

Become The Kitchen Expert with IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

Suit you at best, IKEA kitchen cabinets can help save time and effort with kitchen activities like cooking and even doing dishwasher. A wide array of model, your dream layout is easy to set by holding appliances and other kitchen items nicely, smartly. All you can get within budget.

Solid Wood IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

Simple enough in design, bringing the kitchen into life is the main purpose. There are inspirations, plans and tutorials to guide you for the complete result. It has always been started with inspiration. There is always a kitchen in every home. When it comes to look and feel, IKEA’s smart styles and ideas become the way to make dream kitchens come true.

Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Organization is the main key for the clean and beautiful kitchen workspace. Using leftovers is a clever way to maximize storage. There is no perfect home, but reflecting the people who love inside should be. Without costing a lot of fortune, anything wanted and needed makes us feel pleased. Decoration and organization ideas, the right plans before application mean a lot in taking shape.

Think all things that you need the most, then go for additional requirements if there is an extra space and budget. How many drawers you need? The perfect kitchen cabinets make the most out storage and organization. The size and shape should completely follow the existing layout. You can go for a custom cabinet that IKEA has. Decorating, storing and organizing your kitchen is much more fun and simple as if you are an expert.

Measuring everything makes the first start even before planning. Height, width, length and room dimension where the cabinets to take place should be exactly precise. You can even take a picture for each wall to confirm all corners are square. Doors, windows, external wall position, ceiling, position of electric, water, gas and other fixtures should be confirmed. These will make sure of choosing the right products.

Smart Cabinets

From solid wood finish to high gloss, you can find the best look as you like by browsing the doors and handles. Say good-bye to junk drawers with IKEA interior organizers that feature high level of beauty and efficiency.


Pre-cut or custom countertops? Standard sizes of pre-cut countertops are already tested to fit a variety of sinks to easily be installed. There are materials and styles to fit the cabinets. Quartz and acrylic, custom countertops come in a wide variety of color, measurement and pricing to fit many sinks.

Set your Style

Faucets and sinks, they are the busiest portions of cabinets in any kitchen. IKEA offers many styles to help you in washing glassware, rinsing vegetables or fruits.


Appliances on IKEA cabinets are to count on with a 5 year of warranty. Beautiful and durable, they are built complete the aesthetic and function of the cabinets.

Integrated lighting

Under cabinet lighting gives you the better look for the safer way when cooking. It also adds atmosphere and style with functional quality. LED options are brilliant with energy savings.

Clean and minimalist, kitchen cabinets IKEA are excellent to make small spaces maximized with comfort when doing kitchen things.