Patio String Lighting Ideas

Top 4 Light Fixtures for Patio Lighting Ideas

Creating the atmosphere with patio lighting ideas is excellent to make an outdoor space cozy and inviting for relaxation and gathering. Simple bright, moody or romantic, the purpose of lighting is to set the scene.

Beautiful Outdoor Patio LED Lights

Subtle downlighting is good to encourage family and friends so that to spend some time full of relaxation and enjoyment. Attaching lights to trees is also cool and aiming them downward has been lovable with a moonlit effect. If you have a pergola or covered patio, installation of downlighting is another prime way.

Edges of patio can be used as places to install light fixtures especially the wall or column or underneath the wall cap. Ideas are depending on the structure of your patio or how you want your patio to appear with the lights. Beside of the atmosphere, functionality in the patio such as sense of security is very important for more than just an outdoor shine.

Simple and easy ways to install weather resistant lighting fixtures in patio can be a stylish addition. These 4 lighting ideas for patio are worth investment.

String Lights

Your patio as a hot spot that is excellent with installation of vintage style string lights. Edison bulb types are drop length adjustable to string across or unique uneven effect as you desire. The glowing soft light will turn a simple patio to an inviting outdoor living area.

Lamp Post Lights

These lighting fixtures can give Victorian style to your patio. There is no digging a gas line or electrical needed at all. It is simple and easy by only placing the lamp posts wherever you want and plug them in. Solar lamp posts are a good choice due to low voltage for the energy efficiency.

Outdoor Lamp

Classic yet still many home owners love this type of lighting. You need a waterproof cord so that not to feel worry about getting wet. Safe, stylish and sophisticated with functionality, outdoor lamps for patio are a beautiful addition to your outdoor area.

Battery-Operated Table Lamp

Losing electricity should not be a problem at all with this type of outdoor table lamp. LED light is energy efficient that means less battery consuming. Weather resistant is a quality to count on beside of aesthetic design of the light fixture.

Furnishing your patio as an extension of home with the perfect lighting as you desire is a good way to increase your outdoor home value. Aesthetic, functional, safe and secure, these elements are important.

Blue LED Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor LED Lighting for the Best Worthy Investment

Less energy consumption, outdoor LED lighting becomes the best solution for a wide variety of commercial and residential lighting applications. Energy efficiency makes LEDs to have the longest lifespan with high quality of low voltage light in ranging characteristics. The price is not cheap but surely you can get much more advantages compared to less expensive lights. LED is easily best of worth the investment.

Blue LED Landscape Lighting Fixtures

Bright and steady lighting makes LED best for outdoor including parking lots from dusk to dawn. Traditionally, High Pressure Sodium lights not good enough in matter of efficiency that replaced by LED in modern day. Another reason is for the glow-defining color temperature that makes trees and grass to appear almost like during the day. This improvement quality is welcoming and comforting.

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is another quality to count on that tells how close the object is illuminated. This means that you can see them just like how they are under daylight.

Energy Efficiency

Lighting bill in total is mostly by outdoor lighting. Reducing expenses is significant with LED lights due to lesser energy consumption. Thanks to directional light 180 degrees emission, it makes a very good system of lighting.


LEDs can last 2-20 times longer than the alternatives literally with 1-2 years warranty. By spending a high expense for the lights, you get a lot more savings actually.

Minimum Lighting Standard

Compatibility is important so that both the lamp and the light to mount to the available connections.

Corrosion Resistance will make sure that the materials are to last long in the applications by withstanding corrosive environments.

Electrical Reliability Requirements make the lighting standards by checking the fixtures and luminaires. Electromagnetic Interference Standards are also an important element along with Mechanical Reliability Requirements.

LED lights for outdoor lighting are adaptive as an implementation of technology that quite important especially for parking garage. The distribution of the lighting appropriately is an aspect of energy efficiency. By outlining the areas, you decide which ones that need the lights with the right amount.

Dimming is a part of improvements in energy efficiency by LEDs to apply in residential areas. Beside of saving energy, flexibility is increased for spaces with different lighting requirements. When dimmed, LED lights do not any color-shifting at all unlike traditional incandescent bulbs.

Security Improvements by LEDs like motion sensor lights deter potential crime. Functionality is improved for becoming highly decorative, bright and worthy investment type of lights. The feature of sensitive light level programming is a value that makes LED lighting wonderful for outdoor applications. Landscape, garden, pathway, porch, deck and other exterior spaces can have a smart LED lighting installation.

Bathroom Pendant Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Lighting Ideas for the Better Atmosphere

One of favorite bathroom upgrades is changing the lights. Bathroom lighting ideas should illuminate dark spaces with subtle and calming sparkle. Any plan for a bathroom remodel always considers about adding wonderful features. A small investment is needed but for sure to reap soothing and stylish rewards. In how to light up a bathroom, a standard ceiling light has always been a dreamy choice for the brilliant decorative illuminations. Most favorable choices are chandeliers, wall sconces and recessed lights.

Bright Light Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bright and clean, task light and overhead light are key elements for the spa-like relaxing bathroom atmosphere. Adjustability is nice for the flexibility in having the lighting that best suits your taste and needs.

Ceiling Lighting

It is the general lighting that installed above or overhead. Recessed or ceiling mounted, each has great quality. Task lighting for the vanity area is fabulous to take place above the mirror, or sconces on either side will do. Both shower and tub area also need to be lighted. For wall mounted vanity cabinets, strip lighting can take place under for the floating appearance and wall art decor.

Crystal Chandelier

Luxury and elegance, chandelier lights are always excellent for the ultimate quality of lighting. Crystal sconces can complete the decor with glamor and sparkle.

Antique Sconces

For oversized mirrors, antique sconces add flair that unexpected with light bright atmosphere. Some weight by the fixtures’ dark finish unifies cabinet hardware.

Light Bars

Streamlined, bathroom vanity soft lighting is sleek with light bars. The mount of light is easy to customize by adding multiple light switches.

Old-World Lanterns

Hanging iron lanterns with ornate styling look awesome as a part of art bathroom lighting. The details of craftsmanship are something to adore each time in the bathroom.

Indoor-Outdoor Lights

Wall-mounted lights look to float and indoor-outdoor light fixtures are excellent to take place in interiors including bathroom.

Pendant Lights

To add extra beauty and elegance, pendant lighting can do it nicely. Two or three mini pendant lights are very interesting for some aesthetic atmosphere beside of bright illumination.

Ideas for your bathroom lighting depend on layout, style and color scheme to fit your preferences. You will want something impressive for the enjoyable relaxing and bathing area.

Modern Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Top Quality Features Contemporary Lighting for your Home

Contemporary design is probably the currently popular style, however it is inspired by a vast range of trends in the previous trends and movements of design. Contemporary lighting influences other styles such as Mid-century, Art deco and retro. The combination of sleek finishes especially with brushed steel and chrome encompasses modern contemporary light fixtures. Timeless materials, wood and glass make innovative appearance with style and functionality.

Modern Contemporary Lighting Design Ideas

Simple, minimalist yet strong in designs, contemporary light fixtures are excellent to become focal point in residences and commercial spaces. They do more than just illumination but also decorative arts.


Innovative styles of modern chandeliers can be seen from the materials and shapes. Clean and fresh, modern chandelier lights come in many types to become luxurious addition in your home.

Pendant Light

Unique in form and function, contemporary pendant lighting fixtures are composed in shapes and finishes. Kitchen and dining room are perfect spaces where to install them.

Ceiling Fan

Stylish and refreshing, new forms are sensational with finishes like oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, stainless steel and wood. From 2 blades to more, there are big designs to take place in great rooms with attractive appearance.

Floor Lamp

Designer floor lamps are modern and mid-century with latest industrial styles that look innovative. To become accent lighting in living room, the fresh look is what you can count on. They are also wonderful as reading lights.

Table Lamp

A vast variety of clean, sleek and innovative technologies, the lights can capture the modern era energy to spread to your home. From living room to bedroom, an instant touch of beautiful illumination gives an immediate update to the atmosphere.


Wall sconces are always a very good idea to begin an upgrade for the new look and feel in residences both indoor and outdoor. Contemporary sconces have clean lines, sleek designs, tasteful accents and incorporative decor to your furnishing. Stylish and functional, are decor completion.

Outdoor Lighting

Enhancing your outdoor look means increasing the curb appeal and value of your home. There are great selections such as brushed steel sconces, copper post lights and more to secure and modernize your property.

Other quality features of contemporary light fixtures are durable and versatile. You can have your property to look and feel great in a long period of time. This means an investment.

Appealing Solar Post & Stair Lights Ideas

Best Deck Lighting to Increase Your Outdoor Home

Enjoy the night on your deck while improving visibility and safety with deck lighting. Low-voltage saves your money on the bill and wireless makes easy installation. Latest energy-efficient LED deck lights’ technology is simple to connect to a standard power supply 12 volt. Independently, each component can be installed and safely in combination with others. Depending on your needs, you can decide whether small or large in the project.

Recessed Deck Lighting Step-Downs Ideas

It is a great way to accent your deck with safety insurance at the same time. Solar powered lights stand out from the rest of the types.

Recessed Lighting

It has been a perfect choice for ultra bright evening lights that surely to illuminate beautifully. The characteristics are compact, low-voltage, ultra bright, and appealing for more than just lighting but also setting the mood in the area. Mostly, this type is also popular for doorways, stairs, step-downs and pathways.

What makes recessed light fixtures favorable? To add a dramatic atmosphere to your deck, it is simple to do with the versatility and easy installation of recessed lighting. There are kits that include extension wire, light sensor and transformer. A cable connector can be used to slice the lights into a low voltage system.

Stair risers and under-rail deck can be installed with strip lights to complete the beauty of your outdoor home in the evening.

Solar Post & Stair Lights

Black or white, there are 2 packs which both have decorative glow to your railing, post and stair. There is no need of electricity or wiring for the enjoyable intimate lights.


You can power your low-voltage system of lighting by converting 120-volt household electricity to 12-volt only. 120-watt size transformers are to be plugged into a GFCI outdoor receptacle that you can set the timer to automatically electricity shut-off.

More Lighting Options

Outdoor lights that can suit decking are string lights and sconces. To follow your personal tastes, each can take place to play role as illumination sources that enhance lighting and add security value to your property.

Modern Polished Copper Pendant Lighting

Modern Copper Lighting Trend for Your Home

It is excellent to illuminate and decorate your home with copper lighting. Unique, aesthetic, appealing, copper lights can work wonders to increase the appearance of the room. From wall sconces to shades, you can find all options to up to date your home interiors with trendy lighting fixtures. A sleek look is the feature by metallic accent. There are different textures and finishes to best fit your taste whatever it is.

Versatility is one good reason of why selecting lighting fixtures in copper finish. Yes, whatever your decor, it is simply excellent to home interior with warmth and depth.

Modern Polished Copper Pendant Lighting

Table lamps, pendant lights, floor lamps and even outdoor lighting, style is what to bring and adore with the modern edge whether contemporary or traditional.

Other metallic shades such as brass and chrome are wonderful to match with copper. Even with neutral tones, monochrome, marble, soft grey or dusky pinks, you can be sure of making a pop of fitting.

Mixing and matching decor such as vintage and industrial style with copper lights, creating attractive fittings is amazing.

Let us take some examples in applying copper finished lighting fixtures. Kitchen with copper accessories such as backsplash and cabinet hardware pulls is excellent to coordinate with the same lighting finish. You may consider pendant lights to be in that metal. You can pull the theme together for the chic touch of color.

Other ideas like color combination between copper and black look appealing. You can also install other metallic finish lights to become a set.

Antique Vintage Style Bronze Sunburst Ceiling Light Fixtures

Classic Nostalgic Antique Light Fixtures for Your Home

Give your house, apartment or workplace the cutting edge with beautiful nostalgic antique light fixtures. Antique style furniture and decor can have significantly enhancement in the room with them for the full old world atmosphere. Victorian is the most exquisite style among all available for contemporary home decor trends. The collections include milk glass, holophane, dish, opaline, antique glass and more. They are beautifully crafted from wood, glass, oak, bamboo, steel and lighting. You can find ones that suit you among a large variety for your next restoration project.

Antique Brass Polished Chandelier Lighting

Modern wiring standards make significant improvements although still keeping the authentic styles of lighting. Thus, practical and lasting artistic statement makes the classy investment. Antique light shades will make a very good replacement to give your historic light a complement. Extensive selection will make your room makeover attractive.

Flush Mount Fixture

The design is simple with universal styles. Ornate shades make unique focal points for your residence. Classic and industrial, this simple brass flush ceiling light fixture was used as a train car illumination.

Art Deco Flush

Highly decorative is the characteristic of symmetrical art deco patterns with geometry and straight lines. The natural forms have angular and stylized interpretations that come in a variety of polishes and finishes. You can be sure of finding distinctive and futuristic styles in their designs. Any style of home can have really great focal point with art deco impressive fixtures.

Polished Brass

Pride and nostalgia, both have been always in style in the Colonial Revival during 1870’s 1920’s and 1940’s. And yet, the popularity still remains to this day. The characteristics are modestly elegant, graceful curves, traditional and symmetrical. Shining polished brass and polychromed metals feature highly elevated fixtures.

Bronze Sunburst Fixture

Its majestic makes music hall and even president room to look very elegant by stylistic influence of 3 cast bronze and gold-toned finish. In the old days, the size and structure were specially crafted for commercial or public spaces, but now excellent for homes.

There are many types of Antique lighting available today beside of the mentioned above. Quality meant a lot more weight than quantity, and this is one good reason of why antique fixtures.

Classic types including industrial lamps, gas station lights, anti-explosion lighting and porcelain reflector shades are all in elevated character. Commercial and residential, historic light fixtures create completely unique settings. From porch to kitchen, a dose of antique lighting gives nostalgic style from modern alternatives.