Small Apartment Living Room Ideas Neutral Colors

How to Make the Most of Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

Regardless of size, apartment living room ideas make the function works for relaxation and entertaining. Many small living rooms use tricks in the effort to make the space appears larger than it actually is. The main purpose is to bring in cozy and aesthetic atmosphere instead of cramped and claustrophobic. Using colors, furniture, scale and weight, maximizing the space is quite a difference.

Modern Small Apartment Living Room Interior with Large Windows

Trying new things is an interesting way for small space solutions. You can go for traditional ideas or try something different for the unique look and feel. This is for the satisfaction in decorating your apartment living room.


Making space feels larger is simple with mirrors as a part of decor. It is also excellent to become a focal point that takes place in a center of the room. Beside of reflecting natural lights and artificial lights, mirrors also add a nice ambiance.

Draw the Eye Upward

All rooms mostly have dimensions both vertical and horizontal. This is a trick to decorate small living rooms with a high ceiling for the extra space. For the decor, floor-to-ceiling drapes add style too.

Small to midsize pieces of artwork can fill the vertical space. This trick has proven successful in making the larger feel in small rooms.

Neutral Colors

Floor, walls, ceiling and upholstery of furniture in small living rooms are best in neutral color tones. Beiges or off-white, these colors are doing nice in expand the space as if they push back the walls. To create reflective paint, soft hues can maximize what mirrors do. Neutral palette does also give a calming environment.

Small-Scale Furniture

Visual weight is a must consideration when it comes to selecting furniture for small spaces like apartment. Design, color and size should make the most of space maximizing.

It is strictly prohibited to choose overpowering furniture. You cannot let them to dominate the space. Good options are a tight upholstered back sofa with thin arms, a loveseat and a coffee table. These small-scale furniture designs are favorite for small spaces.

Decorative Window Treatment Drapes Living Room

Decorating with Living Room Curtain Ideas and Tips

With the correct pattern and fabric, living room curtain ideas give aesthetic look in the space. Colorful and elegant selections of drapery are a great way to add style and personality while decorating the windows. You can take all of them as consideration before purchasing one.

Decorative Window Treatment Drapes Living Room

To make sure that you are selecting the right curtains, these several tips can guide you.


A variety of curtains and drapes come in different styles. Ones that suit the room style and the windows are surely good. Depending on what to pour into your living room, ideas can be flexible. Single panels can fit smaller spaces, while double panels are wonderful with classic and symmetrical look. You can decide whether to go formal or traditional by selecting the panels like pelmet or valence.

The type of heading is also an important element whether to pick French pleats, pencil pleats, grommets or pole pockets as the most popular to this day.


Light fabrics and heavy fabrics, each has different function to suit certain rooms than others. When it comes to climate, you decide the choice based on your area.

  • Silk – Classic and traditional, silk curtains add a sense of formality particularly if you let them pleat and puddle on the floor. Silk fabric is a sheer quality that lets some light to pass through and by lining them you can cope with privacy issue.
  • Cotton – Versatile and easy to clean, you can decide the style in your room whether formal or casual depending on the chosen color.
  • Linen – Light and sheer, linen curtains are more casual in style.
  • Velvet – luxurious yet heavy, you can make your living room windows majestic with this material curtain.
  • Sheer – If you love to let natural lights to enter into your room, then this fabric is the right choice. However, privacy is become an issue with it.

Color and Pattern

Mixing and matching with existing furnishings like chairs, sofas or table will make the more exciting window treatment.


It does always matter including when selecting curtains for living room. At least, the size of the curtains should be the double width of the window. Dramatic, elegant, contemporary or any other style, the ideas are determined by size.

How to Hang Living Room Curtains

Hanging the curtains is traditionally by mounting the hardware above the top of the casing of the window a few inches. Or you can also choose to mount the hardware below the ceiling that simpler and makes higher look of the ceilings.

Decorative is the main purpose of setting window treatments. The curtains should be a visual space among major pieces in the room.

Living Room Fabric Wall Accent Ideas

Top 9 Accent Wall Living Room Ideas

Adding accent wall living room is one way to transform your home with creation and manifestation. Instead of leaving your walls empty, you can consider them as canvas that allows your sense of art to show off.

Living Room Wood Accent Wall Ideas

An excellence pop of color makes adorable wall art. It is about pouring the kind of environment to experience by you and visitors. The theory of basic color is a must consideration as well as the structures of the living room itself. Both can bring the room alive although decided by your own taste of style in decorating.

Art Display

The fine art should represent your flavor and personality. Whatever the style of the accent wall, it displays your look completely. It is best to place the art display where visitors accumulate like the room.

A statement is what to really show as the main element of decor. It is like to draw your visitors in with interesting pieces of wall structure with value.

Geometric Pattern

It is a popular choice for the modern, elegant, and distinguish living room accent wall. There are more than just pops of color but a remarkable decor. Patterns are plenty to explore and apply as you like.

Adorning accent walls have multiple figures including triangles, squares, hexagons and more without limitations. You can mix and match a striking backdrop.


Painting a color accent can be an interesting way to give your living room a simple yet attractive update. You better to decide which one to become center point before painting.

Any special architecture can be emphasized using bright colors. Make each of them proportional so that one not to overpower another.


Simple and subtle, having living room molding offers an ideal solution. Depth is easy to add into the dimensions of the room while becoming decorative feature between walls and floors.

There are many materials available such as wood, rubber, foam and plastic for the flexibility in decorating your living room. Everyone will find it a charming addition.


Beautiful and diverse, DIY stenciling can make an accent wall. Easy to set up without taking much time, this is a good choice with affordable cost too.

Durability is an important consideration before design. Taping or painting, your home can have an eye-catching accent wall.


Stunning and unforgettable for a statement in your living room, it is also a unique way to show off your personality. Pops of colors are bold here.

You can have a wall accent that one and only in the world with mural style. It is a good choice for often living room redecorating with new artwork.


To become an accent decor, it sets the mood at the same time. Any style and theme is pourable so that the whole room as you adore.

Designs are geometric, chevron, floral, monochrome and much more to make very interesting accent wall in your living room.


It is to create a retreat feel in your room with a lumber accent on your living room wall. Rustic, antique and other style can blend nicely with this textured accent.

Color and stain on wood accents offer flexibility to create the structure that sets your mood the most. This idea is even to make visitors to feel like at home.


Luxury with natural accent wall can be just simple with stone art. Your preferences and budget decide which stone to display a center point.

Naturalism is a feature by this wall accent that catches everyone’s attention.

Modern Contemporary Farmhouse Style Living Room with Persian Area Rugs

Decorating with Farmhouse Living Room Style Tricks

Classic, elegant, chic, cozy and inviting, farmhouse living room can be a wonderful space to spend some time and gather with all family members. Decorating your living room farmhouse style means creating a paradise of coziness. From calm color schemes to bright and patterned, ideas are flexible for everybody to enjoy. Exposed wood for ceiling beams, wood and stone decor walls, rustic pieces of furniture combined with shabby chic, customization is cool to fully representing your taste of style. It is about creating a captivating, alluring and special decorating of your living room.

Modern Farmhouse Style Living Room Ideas

The main key is to really featuring comfort. Anyone could sit back and relax in on big chairs with a coffee table as a space for your cup of coffee or tea. Rattan is excellent to become the window treatments.

Adaptability makes farmhouse style more comfortable and livable almost in any home. Combining with other styles is alright to show the strong connection of traditional, transitional and contemporary. As an example, modern sofas can meet Persian rugs for the unique decor of the room.

Adding a bit of luxury with tufted sofas shows a hint of elegance where rustic and classic comfy elements meet. Relaxing while enjoying the cozy feel from the exposed stone fireplace with a barn board mantel is truly like living in a dream.

The flair of farmhouse style room decor with barn doors is becoming a popular choice. Space saver is one good reason of why selecting it. Complimentary to your exposed stone fireplace reinforces the look of the style significantly.

Modern farmhouse features clean lines with neutral colors take the big role while bringing a sense of history. In fact, this is the idea that can easily be brought in newer homes. A common element such as by installing a wall of windows opens up and fold backs to bring the outdoors is a nice seamless transition especially to the outdoor patio.

Making focal points can be done in several ways. A combination of reclaimed wood and massive stone is a take-notice fireplace trick. A country feel with such stunning focal point has always been a big part tradition of farmhouse style. You should not be worry to include traditional and antique furniture at all.

Modern Contemporary Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas

How to Accessorize Modern Living Room Ideas

Modern living room ideas make the central hub of the house cozy and welcoming to everyone. Decorating and entertaining guests in relaxing home interior environment are great. Stylish with materials and color schemes while considering about easy to clean and maintain living room can make a very good investment. Ideas are limitless for the exciting space everyone to entertain themselves.

Modern Contemporary Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas

Modern interiors are extremely varying in design ideas that imperative in making the most of available natural lights inside. Large windows and nicely framed mirrors make the very important addition to modern rooms and reflective surfaces do great in small rooms. It is always nice to place the mirrors opposite windows so that small living rooms appear more spacious than actually are. Another way is by removing doors or walls if you need some extra lighting for the brighter atmosphere.

To support the natural lights, softer lighting fixtures such as lamps while avoiding unnatural feel in the space. Candle wall sconces can give such value with so many styles and finishes available today.

Neutral colors become the focus of modern decor including in living room. White is nice for the beautiful background that you can customize with other modern pieces of decor. A statement wall is yours to create by using solid colors on the neutral background. Decals or wall arts, a fresh contemporary look is simple and inexpensive to DIY.

Wooden flooring especially the sanded version is so much attractive. A modern rug can give the more statement to your living room ideas. Plush look and comfortable under your feet, this is for the more inviting space.

Modern open living room is always a brilliant option where large windows shoo away the cramped look. Bold horizontal lines are best to incorporate with clean space. Multi-functional furniture sets including decorated coffee table and sofa with storage are very good. Bookshelves with illumination of exposed ceiling lights enhance the ambience of modern decor.

Minimum accessories are usually good for the modern decor so that creating focus as you like is in the better result. Quality and materials are also important factors while deciding on a neutral color palette.