How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets

How to Do-It-Yourself Painting Bathroom Cabinets Tips

Painting bathroom cabinets is a very cost-effective way to revive the furniture. Buying new cabinets needs a steep cost. Instead of it, repainting is indeed a very wise solution to give your bathroom a new look and feel. This can be an easy project to do-it-yourself in the weekend that pleasingly with the result of fresh vibrant cabinet color in the next day.

Painting Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

However, it can also become a pain-staking activity if the project passed the finish date. To make sure in getting the best effort for the faster and smooth result, there are several tips.

What to Expect

While getting to know about how to paint your cabinetry, awaring of a few realities means a guide for you.

There are many pieces or components of cabinet such as shelves, hinges, brackets, fixtures and drawers that each one has to be uninstalled or removed.

Painting is only to fix the appearance of the bathroom cabinets, but you can also clean poorly functioning parts like rusty hinges or changing pulls to give the different look more.

Remove Fixtures

A screwdriver is usable to remove all parts like doors and hinges, or a reversible drill will also do. Save all parts of hardware that you intend to keep. Labeling each of them using masking tape will help you in the identification. Paint the insides or leave them, it is your choice.

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Disintegration of cabinet, it is a considerable thing when it comes to painting the removed parts. Your sanity is important too during the project. It is always best to do it outdoor.

Clearing and Masking

All parts are removed and stored neatly to easily find and re-install them. Although you are doing the painting outside, it is still wise to keep flooring clean by spreading a drop of cloth around the surface of working area.


Any debris like dust, grease, fingerprints and others should be removed. TSP (trisodium phosphate) is a good-to-go choice for a clean surface of cabinets b y scrubbing vigorously.


Then you may want to check the details of your cabinets to see whether there are nicks and dings on the surface. A putty knife is good to use, then smooth it with a sandpaper.


All surfaces that you want to sand, just sand them all using medium to fine grit sandpaper. The purpose is so that primering and painting the surface are done nicely. Using tack cloth will help in getting cleaner result.

The First Coat

It is time for the primer that you can start by using a brush, roller or sprayer. Sprayer is good for latex paint which durable and easy to clean by water. If you choose a brush, then make sure of smooth and even motions for the good result without any brushstroke visible. Before proceeding, let the primer to dry fully by air. Then you may go for unfinished sides or apply the second primer.

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The Second Coat

After drying the first, then go for the second that to allow to dry too.

Reattach Hardware

Whether keeping or changing the hardware, it should be easy in reattaching all parts back in.

Cost-efficient and great activity to fill the weekend, repainting bathroom cabinets should bring the new, fresh and pleasing atmosphere.