Small Apartment Living Room Ideas Neutral Colors

How to Make the Most of Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

Regardless of size, apartment living room ideas make the function works for relaxation and entertaining. Many small living rooms use tricks in the effort to make the space appears larger than it actually is. The main purpose is to bring in cozy and aesthetic atmosphere instead of cramped and claustrophobic. Using colors, furniture, scale and weight, maximizing the space is quite a difference.

Modern Small Apartment Living Room Interior with Large Windows

Trying new things is an interesting way for small space solutions. You can go for traditional ideas or try something different for the unique look and feel. This is for the satisfaction in decorating your apartment living room.


Making space feels larger is simple with mirrors as a part of decor. It is also excellent to become a focal point that takes place in a center of the room. Beside of reflecting natural lights and artificial lights, mirrors also add a nice ambiance.

Draw the Eye Upward

All rooms mostly have dimensions both vertical and horizontal. This is a trick to decorate small living rooms with a high ceiling for the extra space. For the decor, floor-to-ceiling drapes add style too.

Small to midsize pieces of artwork can fill the vertical space. This trick has proven successful in making the larger feel in small rooms.

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Neutral Colors

Floor, walls, ceiling and upholstery of furniture in small living rooms are best in neutral color tones. Beiges or off-white, these colors are doing nice in expand the space as if they push back the walls. To create reflective paint, soft hues can maximize what mirrors do. Neutral palette does also give a calming environment.

Small-Scale Furniture

Visual weight is a must consideration when it comes to selecting furniture for small spaces like apartment. Design, color and size should make the most of space maximizing.

It is strictly prohibited to choose overpowering furniture. You cannot let them to dominate the space. Good options are a tight upholstered back sofa with thin arms, a loveseat and a coffee table. These small-scale furniture designs are favorite for small spaces.