Modern Custom Granite Top Floating Bathroom Vanity

How to Select the Perfect Custom Bathroom Vanities

A variety of custom bathroom cabinets to fit the needs of every bathroom becomes the solution to implement and fit the home. Different finish, face and door make better accessories and storage selections. There are ones with sinks, pantries and more for some extra additions. A variety of wood species and styles along with the ability to plus and subtract accessories and pieces, you can be sure of finding the best one. Thus, the bathroom you have always dreamed about to be true.

Modern Contemporary Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets

Vanities have more potential in contemporary bathrooms than ever before. By mixing all the distinguish selections, you can transform any bathroom into a attractively furnished and amazingly unique space. Among all available full line of custom vanities, accessories and storage selections, just decide to pick one that sustains your bathroom vanity project the most.

The Perfect Bathroom Vanities

An amazing vanity design requires well planning and detail attention too. Several considerations will help you in how to design the perfect custom bathroom vanity. Settling the layout, style and types of sinks as well as countertops are great basics to design your brand new space of vanity.


Where and how big that the vanity to take place in the bathroom are two first questions to ask yourself before deciding on colors, finishes as well as fixtures. An example, a galley layout requires two spaces for the vanity which separated by a pass-through. Both spaces may include sinks, or customize them to best fit your needs with convenience.

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Modern bathrooms are with clean lines, streamlined and efficient for storage and counter area. One section cabinetry is excellent by horizontal vanities.

When it comes to L shaped vanities, they maximize corner space with ample leg and room for arm. In master bathrooms where space is larger, a distinct vanity is an appeal. The shape is also wonderful in small bathrooms.

Type of Sink

Color and material of the sink are important to coordinate well in the bathroom space, but the type should come first. Drop-in, wall mount or undermount, attractively functional and easy to clean make the better selection.

Number of Sinks

Single or double, each has pros and cons. Although double sinks are preferred by most homeowners, space restrictions become a considerable con. If you have a smaller bathroom, then vanities less than 60 inches will do. You can select one with sink whether in the left, right or center.


Custom vanities come in all designs including traditional and even antique styles. Paint or stain, color, door style and storage are factors when selecting traditional vanities. Freestanding or floating, just go with your taste and requirements.


Material options are granite, marble, quartz, concrete, laminate, solid surface and wood. Each has pros and cons such as granite and quartz with their durability, designer patterns but sealing regularly is needed one or two years because of the porosity.

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More Fixtures

Your vanity should blend well with the rest of your bathroom as well as color scheme. This is the next level of attention after deciding the layout and finishes. There are hardware, lighting, mirror and faucets to make your custom bathroom comes true. Most popular finishes are oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, brushed nickel and stainless steel.