Small White Kitchen with Marble Countertops

Marble Kitchen Countertops – It is an Investment?

When it comes to choosing kitchen countertops, white marble is still the top classic selection for many home-owners. Marble kitchen countertops are so popular – the natural stone material has been an adorable with fans around the world for millennia. A great variety is available to select depending on your preference on the species and how it is cut to size.

Small White Kitchen with Marble Countertops

If you are going to renovate your kitchen, marble is a good investment although you should consider the cons of the material too. Well, let us get to the topic then.

Porous, High-Maintenance

In case the marble tops are stained by agents such as oil, juice, or wine, it is wise to wipe the surface off right away due to the vulnerability of the material. If you are too late, the staining agents will seep deep into it that eventually hard to reverse. Well, sealing professionally and regularly every six months is the solution to prevent it essentially.

Easy to Get Scratches

Marble as a natural stone is much softer than others like granite. This is unfortunate, but less polished effect honing process can make the less noticeable etches. You better not to let anyone including yourself lean up against the natural stone counters.

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Irresistible Beauty

Marble has the gleaming surface appearance of polished and feminine to mix with gold or brass. If you want your kitchen to be modern and monochromatic, chrome is a good pair. Versatility lets you to decorate kitchen in different design styles, which is trendy today.


One of the least expensive marble stones is Carrara which grayer and softer, and costs less than $60 per sq ft. It includes honing, installation and backsplash. Calacatta marble is excellent with dramatic veining and whiter surface, and surely the higher price too.


The natural stone is able to withstand high temperature. However, risk of discoloring or burning is better to avoid by using a holder for hot pots.