Dark Bathroom Floor Tiles Ideas

How to Opt for the Right Bathroom Flooring

When it comes to opting for bathroom flooring for a new build home, it must be one of the hardest options to get it right. It does not just about a good look and coordination with the selected wall finish, but it has also to be resistant to liquid and humidity, as well as being anti slippery and less effort in the maintenance.

Dark Bathroom Floor Tiles Ideas

Porcelain and ceramic are most selected tiles for several good reasons, although there are LVT (luxury vinyl tile), rubber, engineered wood, stone, rubber and even polished concrete as worthy options too. The very first question that wise is that who will be using the bathroom. This is important before considering about materials or styles. This is about working out priorities of yours in the establishment. You can find most of the types work for a family with children and adult inhabitants. Addressing certain hazards to prevent is indeed about safety for everyone at home.

Some examples such as for family with young kids are rubber and vinyl. Both materials are hard wearing and have the ability to withstand water quite well. Colors and patterns are vast in the selection to make the bathroom more playful and fun during bath time. When it comes to family with elderly person, slip resistant flooring and soft underfoot materials are good. Vinyl comes in a variety of finishes that looks wonderful with stone and wood flooring.

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For some extra references about best flooring for your bathroom, let us reveal them in simple sentences.


Porcelain is not ceramic. The two materials are different one from another. Porcelain is denser and fired longer at a high temperature than ceramic. Harder and less porous, porcelain tends to be through-colored tiles. More of quality features are hardwearing, stain resistant, impervious to water, easy to clean and lay, hygienic, lightweight, versatile and uniform in size with many finishes.

Specific porcelain tiles that designed for the wall are not recommended to install on the flooring. Unglazed tiles need to be sealed in the installation while the glazed ones do not.


Slate is the current trend with its naturally beautiful colors and patterns. One of most common issues is that its waterproofing quality. Due to advancements, Lithofin stain-stop is applicable to cope with it. Very hardwearing, vastly available selections and really gorgeous when honed or polished, slate stone tile flooring for bathroom is awesome.

There are several things to bear in mind about stone flooring. Higher maintenance than porcelain due to porosity makes sealing requirement during installation. Every couple of years, you have to do a reseal. The cleaning products for slate tile flooring should be chosen properly to keep the aesthetic regularly.

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LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile comes in so many great colors and patterns of the real thing look-like at cheaper price. Several quality features are resistant to water, soft, warm, thin and hardwearing. Stone and wood are exciting effects to give your bathroom dynamic finishes.

Although can last up to 12 even 20 years, LVT should be installed by a specialist if you are not sure to DIY.

Wood & Engineered Wood

There are several layers which make up engineered wood for the thicker quality. To become flooring material for bathroom, engineered wood is more stable than wood which also less prone to water.

When it comes to maintaining, you have to make sure of dry flooring. It is unwise to leave wet towels and bath bats on the floor. This is a simple key to prevent problems. Engineered wood in porcelain tile effects is a latest  trend due to improved textures and patterns at cheap price.


Family with children and elderly is perfect to have rubber flooring in the bathroom. There are bright colors that can easily to evolve for the decor. Water resistant makes rubber easy to clean and maintain, hygienic with many patterns and colors available.

It is a strong recommendation to pick a high slip resistant textured finish to become a safe flooring. It is not recommended to use cleaners for the maintenance that contain abrasive and acidic essences.

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The finish longevity of your bathroom floor is determined by the subfloor. When it comes to an uneven floor, self-leveling compound is good. Different materials are with different requirements to become the subflooring.

Across the entire flooring rather than cutting around sanitaryware is a strong recommendation in the installation. This is important so that not to leave gaping holes in the future.