Modern Contemporary Custom Kitchen Cabinets Red and White

Popular Modern Kitchen Cabinets of Today’s Trends

Modern kitchen cabinets can truly become stunning focal point in the space as the heart of the home. Everyone has personal space but when it comes to gathering, it is always the kitchen. Glamor and inviting, sparkling decor of modern styles will make a convenient space for eating, chatting, playing games or just hanging out together.

Modern Contemporary Custom Kitchen Cabinets Red and White

Minimalist and clean in lines with smart storage types, you can declutter kitchen items nicely. Ideas are many and applicable to perfectly represent your taste and fill your needs.

Veneer Wood – To become material for the cabinet doors, it is a fresh trend with warmth and depth of modernism especially the slab veneer. Due to as a natural product, it also brings the nature back into furniture manufacturing. Excellent wood grains are really lovable aesthetic patterns.

However, buyers should be aware of the quality, and it is best to get one from reputable dealer. You will want the veneers that properly done for the long lasting modern cabinets.

Stainless Steel – Modern and sleek, this metal is nice to become the focal point in almost all styles of kitchen today. Pros of stainless steel are easy to clean, durable and extremely sanitary, while the cons are prone to scratch, heavy and expensive.

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Lacquered – Bright and shiny with rich color due to polishing and waxing, it is unmatched when it comes to sleek aesthetic value compared to others. Lacquer finishes can chip easily if not done properly. You can choose any color and with regularly proper maintenance, you can keep the glossy paint for a long period.

Modern White – The color has always been a popular choice with clean-looking value. You can mix and match with various hardware styles for the appeal you favor. Modern small kitchens can have very amazing designs that meet any taste of the homeowner.

Stained Wood – Unique tint color makes a contemporary design for today’s cabinetry trend. Sleek stain makes distinctive color scheme of wood grain especially the knotty ones. Each owner of this modern cabinetry shall have the one and only pattern on their kitchen cabinets.


Combining different styles to get your very own modern cabinets is cool. Paint, lacquer and wood can be mixed up for the appealing focal point in your kitchen. Well, if you are planning on DIY project, just consult to a professional cabinet-maker and an interior decorator.