Loft-Style Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas for Sleeping, Study and Socialize

For teen boys, bedroom is a private, refuge space where they can go whenever they want all alone. Personal touch has always been the key element to the decor of teen boy bedroom ideas. Flexibility and multi-functionality are important things to make the room as a cool bedroom, office and social area where his buddies are received and spend some time too.

Functional Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

Ideas to decorate teen boys’ bedroom are unlimited by rules. Functionality should become the focus of design and decor. Thus, smart space-saving storage features make the most considerable factor in the application. When it comes to colors, personal preferences especially hobbies should become the theme of decor ideas.

In the effort to please a teenager especially boy, it would make a daunting task in designing the bedroom. Stylish and functional, it is absolutely free in the decision about style. Teen-like is the idea here whether to go for modern, minimalist, contemporary, industrial or even rustic. For the storage ideas, floating shelves, under the bed and windowsill are great. Here are for more details as inspiration.

Taste of Teens

The bedroom should let the teenage to express his identity although distinguish from the rest of the decor in the house. It should also feature practicality. Most of the time, teenagers tend to change taste of style as they get older. This makes more reasonable to apply easy to live color for the wall so that to save some efforts and money for the redecorating in the future. It is okay if your teen boy is willing to do the project alone.

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Identity Expression

Graffiti can take all over the walls to perfectly give the license teenager to express himself. One good advantage about this idea is the cheap and easy to do.

Display Collections

Incorporation of hobbies into the bedroom design is another way to express identity. This makes an easy talking point that interesting to your teen boy. The bedroom should also become a lovable space to him anyway.

Clever Study Area

His study has to be well supported despite of a small bedroom space. Tidy and organized, a good quality set of desk and chair is an investment. A shelving unit above the desk adds interest for more than just as book storage.


Loft-style bedroom creates a cozy sleeping space that is perfect as a hang-out nook. A sofa bed increases space availability for seating and lounging. His friend can visit him and find a nice space to sit comfortably.

To relax, study and socialize, teen boy bedroom should have the supportive features to have such quality. Personal preferences and convenience, make these two points at front in the decor applications.