Modern Bathroom LED Lighting Ideas

The Most Important Bathroom Lighting Ideas and Tips

Creative and unique bathroom lighting ideas can be traditional and simple to properly light up your bathroom. Using multiple layers is the key while creating a feel of luxury. Makeup wall sconce lighting, decorative lights in the ceiling, tub, even accent with recessed lighting for the perimeter are nice.

Modern Bathroom LED Lighting Ideas

As an essential part of decor, lighting in bathroom makes the most of the space. This makes an expert bathroom lighting a very important element every homeowner should never neglect.

There are several things to keep in mind for the finest quality of bathroom lighting. Bright and clean atmosphere with ample overhead lights is a must. Thus, task lighting is the supportive feature with the ability you can count on for the spa-like space that relaxing. Adjustability is also important that you can have with dimmers.

Focus Lighting

For the general lighting, overhead recessed is great, or you can also choose the ceiling mount type. Task lighting for the vanity area should be excellent that you can place on either side or above the mirror. Then you need to install focus lighting to light up the tub and shower area. If you are interested in creating float-like wall art, strip lighting is cool for wall-mounted cabinets.

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Bathroom Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

The most common mistakes related to bathroom lighting are to avoid for the most of illumination. It is an awful thing to see a sea of black holes that created by too many of recessed lighting fixtures in the ceiling. A simple decent amount should do it.

For the vanity area, it is harsh and unflattering to have down lighting directly pointing on your head. It is much better by positioning ceiling light over the walkway to light you from behind.

Another common mistake is an installation of asymmetrical lighting that creates uneven illumination. This is bad when grooming. Opaque or frosted bulbs are the better choices instead of clear bulbs with filaments that tend to cast a shadow in the bathroom.

Shower and Tub Lighting

Both ends of a tub deserve an equal amount of lighting. When it comes to the shower, it depends on the size, and you should have to consider about safe lighting installation.

LED Lighting Technology

Low energy consumption and convenient, LEDs are clean-lined look that show modern and minimalist. Today, warmer quality of LED lighting fixtures is excellent to combine with incandescent bulbs for the cohesion in appearance. MR-16 bulbs work great with low-voltage recessed light fixtures for the clear, crisp, versatile dimmable quality.

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Moisture is a concern in bathroom lighting. Fabric shades are strongly not recommended especially in bathrooms with a jacuzzi tub. The best metal finishes are nickel, brushed chrome and stainless steel. It is better to avoid brass and cast bronze because they tend to corrode due to more delicacy.