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Top 10 Kitchen Flooring Options Ideas and Materials

Let us take a look at the kitchen flooring options in ideas and materials to weigh pros and cons of each of them. If you are thinking of upgrading your cooking area, the right flooring should have both function and durability as the most considerable factors. You can go for a durable and low maintenance but making sure of becoming an investment is a must. The beauty of the material and style adds more overwhelming experience in your kitchen.

Contemporary Flooring Ideas for Kitchen

The function of the flooring, this element should take the most important consideration. Due to a high-traffic area in your house, it tends to get chunked by food, spilled by waters, oils, wine and dishes. Low maintenance flooring makes your kitchen easy to clean and withstand use over time.

Top options of durable flooring include concrete, stone, tile, rubber, vinyl and wood laminate. When it comes to cushioning, there are bamboo, cork, wood, vinyl, wood laminate, carpet tiles and rubber. Each has its own quality to consider the pros and cons.


Eco-friendly, bamboo is also durable as a natural material. It is a strong recommendation to seek for the products at a reputable brand to ensure of the warranty. As a durable, beautiful, eco-friendly and long warranty, bamboo can easily to dent as its con.

$5 – $7 per sq ft cost and $8 per sq for the installation average, it makes bamboo flooring affordable especially for small spaces.


High maintenance and hard to clean, carpeting suits modern homes due to industrial grade that especially designed for high traffic areas like kitchen. Installation is easy and carpet tiles are removable for cleaning and replacement.

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Buying an extra box of carpet tiles that easy to DIY installation secures for future requirements. As a durable, modern, soft and recyclable material, carpet comes in beautiful modern colors and textures. To keep the convenience, you will need to clean and vacuum carpet flooring frequently.

$1.85 to $8.00 per sq is the price for carpet flooring but does not include installation.


Durable and great in look, you cannot find another material to match the tone of concrete. Various finishes give custom look as you like. You can stain, polish, stencil and wax fresh concrete pouring.

Radiant color heating is a good idea to have beneath the concrete flooring in areas with colder climate. This is to make the warmer atmosphere although the material is moisture-resistant. The versatile concrete flooring costs between $2 – $30 per sq ft.


Unique texture and soft padding, cork is a good choice that insulates against noise and temperature. Anti-microbial makes no insects and pests to come by. It is quite easy to install so you can do the installation yourself to save budget.

This durable, eco-friendly and attractive flooring option for kitchen can actually easily dent or scratch. Buying a few spares will serve your flooring right in case you need replacements in the future.

The cost is ranging from $2 to $15 per sq without installation fee.

Laminate Wood

Affordable and durable, laminate wood makes a very interesting flooring for kitchen. Softness and ergonomic solution with easy installation, you can have a modern simple floor. There are variety of styles widely to mix and match with your kitchen decor ideas.

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The longest warranty as you can get from laminate flooring is a strong recommendation. Cost effective makes this material a popular option. However, noisy and slippery are the cons beside its not refinishable issue.

You can afford laminate wood by spending between $1.50 – $5.00 per sq ft without installation fee.


Although almost similar to cork, you can find rubber flooring in much more selections of colors and textures. Adhesive-free and high-grip, the material is easy to install and popular for flooring upgrade temporarily.

Durable, cushy and anti-slip, rubber tiles or sheetings are comfortable under feet due to the padding. This natural material is resistant to water and fire with cost around $3.50 – $9.00 per sq ft without installation.


The most favorable varieties are marble, slate and travertine in form of tiles or slabs. Unique, earthy in color and pattern, stone offers the natural cool to install in warmer climates.

Strong, durable and easy to clean, stone flooring requires sealing, prone to stain and may easily chip.

Depending on what variety of stone, the cost is ranging between $2 – $25 per sq ft with installation fee approximately $8 per sq ft.


Low maintenance, easy to clean, durable and reflective quality, tile can expand the look of kitchen space. Contemporary designs are mostly replicas of wood with amazing textures and patterns.

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You cannot DIY the installation of tile, so hire a professional especially if you have an uneven subflooring. Smaller grout lines make easier maintenance.

Low maintenance, moisture-resistant and durable, there are a variety of styles, colors and shapes of tile flooring ideas. $1 – $8 per sq ft is the price with $7 fee for the installation per sq ft.


Affordable and in a large variety of styles and textures, vinyl becomes the most resistant material to water with easy installation for the tiles. A professional is needed for the sheet installation.

Vinyl material that looks like wood is the contemporary style with the beautiful grain to adore as if it is real wood flooring. The con is about its chemical essences that may harm to health. It also needs a flawless subflooring to fit.

$1.50 – $5.00 per sq ft is the cost with installation excluded.


Unique high—end warm look, you can choose based on grain and age of the wood to become a special flooring. A special protection is also required to keep away excessive moisture.

The smaller planks are the better so that not to cup and warp over time as if happen to wider ones. Durable, attractive and refinishable, wood flooring adds resale value to your property. However, dent and scratch can happen beside of noisy and the requirement of periodic refinishing.

$4 – $12 per sq ft is the price and installation averages at $8 per sq ft by a professional.